If you have oily/combination skin you will know how problematic it is to find products that help
prevent make-up from melting off your face make-up on your face all day.
Being an oily skinned Chica I thought it would be a good idea to share the products that I have discovered over the past months that help prevent my base from slipping and sliding!

Two of the best mattifying moisturiser type products I have found are MAC Oil Control Lotion - link
and Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Moisturiser* - link.
Neither are quite intense enough to be used alone to keep oil at bay but they do both provide a matte finish which is perfect for applying foundation etc on top of.
As they have been designed for oily skin types they don't have the tendencies to over hydrate nor do they encourage the skin to produce excess sebum.

Once I've applied an oil control lotion I give my face a quick spritz with Urban Decay's De Slick Oil Control Make-Up Setting Spray -link, allow to dry and then begin to prime with Clarins Instant Smooth Primer.
Not only is Urban Decay's De Slick Oil Control Make-Up Setting Spray essentially a liquid primer that reduces oil production but it doubles up as a make-up setting spray that you can use as a final step to keep make-up in place all day...bonus!
I swear by this product, it works even in the most humid conditions (pack it the next time you jet off to a balmy destination and thank me later), it is one of the very products that I constantly repurchase
as I know I can rely on to keep me shiny skin free!

For years I relied on Benefit's Porefessional to disguise my enlarged pores and mattify the skin 
but in waltzed Clarins Instant Smooth Primer* -link and I have not looked back since.
This silky balm like primer not only fills enlarged pores, controls excess sebum but it also gives the skin the most airbrushed effect I have ever encountered from one single cosmetic purchase.
It is one of those products that transforms your skin, I promise that once you try this primer you will be hooked and the bonus is that it does not break the skin out nor does in clog pores.
I don't just recommend this for oily skin types but to everyone on the look out for a wonderful primer.

Every person out there that struggles with an oily or combination skin type will understand the importance of not a good setting powder but a great setting powder, without one you will be inviting oily areas
to rear their ugly heads at some point throughout the day.
After buying, testing and researching many a loose and pressed face powder I finally stumbled across Smashbox's Photo Set Finishing Powder* - link which is so finely milled it is weightless on the skin.
It gives a matte yet natural finish and my goodness does it keep make-up in place without any dreaded oily areas peeping through for at least 8 hours!
Unlike some setting powders this does not cake nor will it settle into enlarged pores or fine lines,
the term holy grail has been a little over used this weekend on this blog and I do hate uttering it one more but the truth is this is by far my holy grail oil busting setting powder...sorry I'm not sorry!

Of course I can not guarantee that the above products will work quite as well as they do for me
but if you do have oily/combination skin they certainly are worth trying out.
Something to remember is that those with oily skin tend to age better than those who don't...kerching!