Today's post is a little different from my usual cosmetic offerings in that I attempted to bake a cake,
emphasis on the word attempt as I am no whiz in the kitchen, Mary Berry can rest easy
that I will not be applying for any future editions of the Great British Bake Off.

So yes, Nivea have formulated a new anti-perspirant that aims to help protect against the effects of stress sweating, after heat,stress is the 2nd most common trigger for sweating and is very different to the sweat produced from heat or physical exercise. It has a more rapid onset and smells much worse (yuck), making it harder to control. NIVEA Stress Protect is proven to minimise this stress sweat by up to 85% and helps reduce the formation of body odour. Nivea Stress Protect has a lovely light, clean scent and is very much unisex.

To put the deodorant to the test I will be doing various stressful tasks over the next few months commencing with a baking task that has been set by Holly Bell from the Great British Bake-off.
Before I even began the recipe for White Chocolate, Lemon and Macadamia Genoise Cake
I could feel my self get antsy, my idea of home baking is a fairy cake with lashings of butter cream to hide any burnt areas but rest assure Nivea Stress Protect  did prevent any sweating, nervous break downs
well that is debatable.

How the cake should look...
Now when you see the photos of my cake and Holly Bell's version you can feel free to call me out
and state the obvious that Mr Kipling I ain't but let me tell you the recipe is not for the baking challenge.
Genoise sponge? Nope. Let me tell you that a Genoise sponge is the devil in disguise, at one point I'm pretty sure I sobbed into the mixing bowl in-between grating lemons that will sting if you get the juice in your eyes.
A combination of the heat of the oven and what can only be described as a mild stroke and not of genius
would surely be enough to produce sweat stains, well much to my surprise it didn't.
Sweaty everywhere else bar my armpits yes but the ol' armpits were as dry as a bone!

Okay I have a confession I did alter the recipe slightly but not dramatically, my Granddad is allergic to nuts (inappropriate giggle) so I swapped them for Oreo's not sure why I did that but I did and being the clown
that I am I didn't buy enough to completely crumb coat the cake.

Anyway laugh and mock my creation while I slick on some Nivea Stress Protect to brace the comments
haha! If you have a stress suggestion for me let me know and I may just take your idea on board!

You can find out more about Nivea Stress protect via Nivea UK's web page.

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