Monday, January 28, 2013

NARS The Multiple in Undress Me - Review

Have you ever stumbled across a beauty product and instantly thought "Uh oh this could be the making of a monster"? 
For me that has recently been NARS Multiple's, anything that gives a beautiful long lasting glow to the skin
and is easy to use gets a huge thumbs up from me!

First of all I know that Undress Me is not a new shade nor is it permanent but as it is still available on ASOS
so I figured it would be okay to spill the beans on this little product...spill the beans who writes this stuff?
Before Undress Me I did dabble with a multiple in South Beach and didn't really get on, sold it and instantly regretted it as I never really gave it a fair chance.
Undress Me is not typically a shade I would plump for as it is a frosty, slightly glittery baby pink
but for the winter months when I reach for pink blushes it is the perfect partner and highlight option.
Undress Me is of course cool in tone and loaded with both silver glitter and shimmer particles like so many other NARS cheek products.

Luckily for me where I apply highlighter has not been affected with enlarged pores so the shimmer/glitter element of this shade is not an issue, however if you do have enlarged pores of fine lines in such areas avoid this like the plague as it will well and truly exaggerate such minor faults. 
Otherwise bask in the glittery goodness and glittery it is!
When first applied you will think hmm this isn't so shimmery but once buffed and blended out oh boy
does it turn shimmer-tatstic with oodles of glitter, oddly though the cool pink and silver reflects combine
rather well and don't seem dated or like a product a six year old girl had dreamed up.
To further add to the oddest element of this shade is that despite being glitter based it is fairly subtle
and low key - think frosty not full out glitter explosion.

The beauty of all NARS multiples is the texture, a light cream multi-purpose shade that can be used as a highlight  blush, eye shade or lip shade depending on the multiple you purchase.
They apply so easily - I like to dab it on straight from the tube and blend for an quick glow
not to mention unlike some cream product they really do last the pace with each application wearing for at least 7 hours on my oily skin with ease.

Even if the shade Undress Me is not for you I suggest trying out the other shade options by NARS
as there will be something for every taste and perhaps a new staple product waiting to be found!

NARS The Multiple in Undress Me £29/14g via ASOS - link

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  1. never tried there multiple for some reason, im not sure if its there shades or the consistency im not sure!:/ great post!:)

  2. Love the look of these, the prices really put me off though :( x

  3. This looks beautiful! I would love to try this out :) xx

  4. This is a lovely shade. I have Maldives and it is gorgeous, a light bronzey gold. I love how they have such a wet look on the skin. Great review.


  5. Pretty, but not a fan of all that sparkle. That would totally emphasize my lines.

  6. OH MY - this looks Gorgeousss.. id love to try one of the Nars multiples - had my eye on South Beach but this seems a lovely one to opt for too - definitely will check this out :) xx

  7. I love Multiples and have about 6. just finishing 'Malibu' which is a great red for cream blush/lips x

  8. This looks lovely but not sure it'd suit my skin tone!

  9. So pretty! Can't wait to try it out!

  10. Oh I want one of these!! They look so great and I love Nars! Very jealous! The swatch looks so gorgeous x x

  11. Love this review and am thinking of getting this multiple! I've just done a review of the Laguna Multiple on my blog a few days ago too!


  12. really want to try one of these multiples, this shade is really nice :)

  13. NARS products are always gorgeously packaged and most of the time great quality to use. I own several of their blushes and i am impressed by their quality and wear. I also have a couple of their multiple tints which are limited edition, but i find that they lack in pigmentation so i am hoping to invest in a proper multiple where i can use as a blusher or bronzer. This review actually comes in quite handy because i am planning to purchase the multiple bronzer soon because i want a more intense contour colour which can be placed under their Laguna bronzing powder! X x X x


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