2013 looks to be the year when nail polish companies go a little further in terms of texture
and up the ante with various brands going for gritty textures such as sand and leather finishes.
As always Nails Inc have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new trends and are one 
of the first brands to put their textured polish offering on the table in the form of the limited edition concrete collection which comprises of four bright shades with unique texturised lids!

I have been trying out Nails Inc Concrete Effect Polish in Marble Arch which is a bright, ripe tomato red shade that is not only perfect for the impeding Valentine's Day (sigh)
but also a great bright summer shade that is a little different from the norm due to the gritty, 
matte, sand like finish.

Truthfully I never expected to like textured polishes, I thought the idea was bizarre and one that wouldn't translate all that well on to the nails but in reality the finish is pretty cool
and ideal for those like myself that aren't all that skilled at applying nail polish 
as it hides a multitude of sins so to speak.
Yes it feels bizarre on the nails but kudos to Nails Inc for giving us something a little different!

Nails Inc Concrete Effect Polish in Marble Arch* £12/10ml via Nails Inc -link