For the longest time I have lusted after the Models Own Mirror Ball Collection in it's entirety but put off purchasing any shades as I need another glitter nail polish like I need a third nipple - a nubbin is its medical term...stash that away for the next pub quiz.
However Boots currently have a buy one get one half price on all Models Own products
and with an offer like that it is rude to pass it least that's what I'm telling my bank manager.

The shade that caught my eye immediately was Boogie Nights which is a little surprisingly as purple polish is not the colour that grabs my attention, normally I am all over blues and greens, obviously I was feeling a little adventurous that day...what can I say I live on the edge.
Boogie Nights is a sparkling medley of various sizes and shapes of purple, pink, blue and gold polish
but the overall result does tend to appear more purple than anything else.
The glitter in this polish is similar in shape to that you find in typical "flaky" polishes, small triangle chips rather than the typical hexagon shape.

The shape of the glitter does affect the polish effect, this is most certainly a heavy glitter polish
and more rock chick than delicate but that is why I love it.
I'm not one for soft glitter polishes, when I paint my nails with something glitter based I want all the razzle dazzle in the world and it to be in your face.
As essentially the base of Boogie Nights is clear the colour combination possibilities are endless meaning it will take a long while before I ever bore of it which is always a plus point in my book.
For reference I chose to pair it with Nina Pro's Punky Purple.

The only downside is that I now want the entire collection!

Models Own Boogie Nights Nail Polish £5/14ml via Models Own - link