We all know how much I adore candles, they are one of life's little luxuries that I can not be without, nothing can set the tone of a snugly winter evening quite like the ambiance of a deliciously scented candle.
With that in mind let me introduce you to my current candle crush Laura Mercier's Crème Brûlée scent.

Diptyque have been reigning on the candle front lately and as much as I adore their well thought out fragrances and simplicity I do think that 2013 will be the year that sees us all burn
a good few Laura Mercier scents...you have been warned (in a non threatening way of course haha)!

Laura Mercier is a brand I associate with elegance, it's not a brand that likes to over complicated
things and that is reflected within both the fragrance and design of the Crème Brûlée offering.
Encased within an rich, chocolate brown glass tumbler, featuring what I have now discovered to be 
Laura Mercier signature style with a tone on tone snakeskin inspired print.
Simple yet super chic and a design that will suit most home decors.

The deciding factor of any candle has to be the scent and let me tell you that the  Crème Brûlée offering is a treat - a mix of warm caramel, spun sugar and French vanilla bean notes all of which combine to emit a sensual, enchanting yet warming scent that completely fills the home.

Annoyingly this is limited edition so if you happen to come across one in your local Space
or if you live in London Harrods store then snap it up instantly!