Illamasqua I'mperfection Collection Spring 2013

Forever pushing make-up boundaries Illamasqua have just unveiled I’mperfection, the brand's offering for spring 2013. This new collection aims to celebrate flaws and imperfections, such as freckles, scars or birthmarks, rather than disguising them. 

llamasqua has unveiled new limited edition Speckled Nail Varnishes, £14.50, in Freckle (speckled soft neutral), Fragile (speckled soft blue), Mottle (speckled soft green), Scarce (speckled soft pink) and Speckle (speckled soft lilac). Think of them as slightly edgier Nails Inc In Sprinkle polishes.

In addition, Illamasqua has introduced the Blush Up Brush, £28.50, an oval shaped make-up brush to define and elongate cheekbones; a Powder Blush Duo, £26, in three shades; Vivid Pink Lipstick, £16; Precision Ink, £17, a glossy black pen which can be used anywhere on the face and body; and Intense Lipgloss, £14, in a leaf green shade..not sure how I would use it but I know creative types out there will lap it up.

Illamasqua I’mperfection will be available on counters nationwide from 31 January and via www.illamasqua.com
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  1. Ahhhh, I just love Illamasqua and everything they do. As usual, I just want everything from the collection.


  2. I have an Illamasqua order about to arrive! They are such a lovely brand :)

  3. I love the fact they want to celebrate flaws and imperfections, it's so rare for a make-up company to celebrate these things, as you say, they usually want to hide them! I've never bought from Illamasqua, but I'd be more tempted to purely because they champion flaws! x

  4. Those colours are gorgeous, still yet to try illamasqua and I need to change that!



  5. The green lipgloss looks a little terrifying! I love the brush though :)


  6. Oh deary me. I'm an absolutely sucker for Illamasqua and if I hadn't have just made a bank account denting order, then I would be all over this collection! Those nail polishes look incredible xx

  7. love the sound of the blush duo, wanted to try a blush from them anyway! x


  8. I am su up for spending a fortune on this!

  9. Illamasqua have done it again! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of the nail varnishes xx


  10. These Nail Polish it is very similar to collection El Corazon of 2012

  11. I LOVE the look of this collection for the nail polishes and the lipstick. Can't wait to pop into Illamasqua soon to try them out and possibly purchase. ^_^



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