Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eye Shadow in Heathered Plums - Review

One of my make-up resolutions for 2013 is to be a little braver with my make-up choices, 
now you'll never see me with neon eyeshadow or anything overly wacky but a step out from my usual neutral tendencies is a step in the right direction if you ask me!
Recently I have been testing out the most beautiful plum/purple based duo and felt it needed a post all of it's really is that pretty.

The thing with Elizabeth Arden cosmetics is that each item is always presented in a well thought out
and striking manner, in the duo's case it is a gold and silver compact with the ever famous red door
front and present, yes the casing is plastic but to look at it you'd never know.
Inside you will find a good sized and high quality mirror along with a sponge applicator which I loathe
and never hold on to but all in all it is pretty, light and sturdy...what more could you ask for?

To the best of my knowledge the Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow duos come in seven colour options
but the one that really struck a chord with me is the Heathered Plum duo, inside the duo you will
have noticed that one pan is slightly larger than the other, that is because most will use more of the lighter colour over time and rely on the darker shade to define.
The lightest shade in Heathered Plum is a light shimmer based lilac mauve that is simply stunning and hard to sum up as in some lights it reflects silver in others lilac and then again a light olive green, it reminds
me of MAC Club not so much in tone but complexity.
The other shade is a deep brown based matte plum shade that not at all chalky but intensively pigmented
and a dream to apply and blend out.

Heathered Plums is a great option for those like myself that tend to body swerve anything that isn't
found in the Urban Decay Naked palettes as it isn't your typical neutral shade yet it is muted 
and completely appropriate for those that work in an office/professional environment.
Both shades are wonderfully formulated : highly pigmented, soft to the touch, easy to apply 
and blend out without product fall out and with an average wear time of 10 hours when primed.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eye Shadow in Heathered Plums* £22 via House of Fraser - link

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  1. I've always been afraid of using pink toned colours on my face in case it makes me look too flushed, especially in the eye area. Maybe I'll be braver this year too :D

  2. These are a really pretty duo, in colours I wouldn't ordinarily go for but they look gorgeous. I love the name too! xx
    Gem |

  3. These are my kind of shades, lovely!


  4. I like these shades a lot, purplish shades suit me and combined with kakhi or brown are beautiful to wear :)

  5. This is a gorgeous duo, I've just bought a Jemma Kidd eyeshadow quad in similar shades and have really fallen for the plum tones. They look especially great on blue or green eyes!

  6. A plumb colour is always a good choice, especially this time of year.
    And the packaging is to die for!


  7. they are so pretty, classy and gorgeous colours!:)


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