"A new year, a new me!"

I'm not poking fun at anyone when I say that the above statement is probably the most of over used phrase at this time of the year and I am pretty guilty of uttering it each year too
and truth be told not sticking to said resolutions.
If one of the things you have listed on your 2013 things to do list happens to be to do something a little
wild with your hair then you may want to read on, even not I think these nifty little pots of hair colour
are something that will intrigue most!

2012 saw a good few of us chalking our hair with chalk pastels a la Lauren Conrad
but as said pastels are intend for use on canvas and paper the effect may not have been quite
what some of us had hoped for particularly if you have a hair shade that is mid in tone.
Step up Anastasia Beverly Hills (Queen of brows) Hypercolor Hair Powders which offer bright
yet completely temporary flashes of colour to the hair and brows should you wish.
You can go as wild as you dare knowing that your normal hair shade and style is only 
a shampoo away...perfect for those like myself who bore easily or are indecisive.

At the moment there is three shades with more to launch very soon:
Electric Blue - Bright Matte Blue, best for light to mid hair shades.
In the Pink - Bright Matte Pink, great for all hair shades.
Teal Tornado - Matte Teal, best for light hair tones but will give a subtle effect on mid/deep hair shades.

To use you simply brush in the colour, for a subtle effect I recommend applying a little powder to your finger tips and then applying to the hair, for a bolder statement I found rubbing the selected hair area over
the powder cake to be most effective.
A little trick to keep the colour in place is to give the powered area a quick spritz of hair spray
and you are good to go with your new funky hair style.
As mentioned these also double up as eye brow powders, admitedly not something I would personally
dabble in but it looks set to be a huge trend, at least on the run ways for 2013.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor Hair Powders* £10 each via Cult Beauty - link

I must thank my little sister for being my guinea pig...thanks sis!