Today is most definitely Clarins day on T.S.G and this post is most certainly showcasing the
pièce de résistance of the Spring 2013 collection and boy will it knock your little socks off.
The Palette Eclat Face and Blush Powder has beauty enthusiasts all over the globe swooning
and going a little weak in the knees, it truly is a thing of beauty.

I'm sure you do not need me to harp on about the packaging - sleek, gold in tone with a huge mirror
but would rather I concentrated on the product inside which encapsulates Spring the most
when compared to the other products that form this collective.
The Palette Eclat Face and Blush Powder has been created with Irises flowers in mind once more,
featuring a large slab of light, creamy tan pressed powder which has been embellished with Irises
and long stripes of pink and peach accents to give the powder a little dimension both visually and practically.

The idea is that the Palette Eclat Face and Blush Powder can be used as an all over face powder
to set and illuminate the skin and in some instances depending on skin tone it can be used as a blush/bronzer.
The little colour blocks on this palette are far too small to be used individually so you have two options you can target the mid area of the pan and use the light tan shade on it's own or swirl all the shades together 
to form a light pinky peach blush (try and pick up as much colour as possible if using it this way)
As the Palette Eclat Face and Blush Powder is matte in formula it works well both as a blush and face powder, it sets make-up without leaving a heavy uncomfortable cast and helps keep oil at bay
without nestling into open pores or fine lines.
In terms of wear when worn as a face powder I found it to be effective for around 8 hours
and as a blush it was around the 6 hour mark but my cheeks are the area most prone to oil.

Clarins Palette Eclat Face and Blush Powder* £30/10g via Clarins (L.E) - link