This is my Jersey Shore nail polish now before you write me off as completely stark raving bonkers
hear me out, when ever I see it all I can think of how it is a party in the bottle which my brain
associates with the little Meatball that is Deena and her infamous "I'm a blast in a glass" saying.
Yeah my mind works in bizarre and uninteresting ways doesn't it?

Butter London Lovely Jubbly is listed as a vibrant magenta nail lacquer which has been generously flecked with red, blue and gold micro-particles. 
Butter London feels this  glitter polish channels a distinctly retro, 70’s feel.
That I can see but for me it is very much an Ibiza nail polish, nothing at all to do with the fact that
I have just booked a holiday to the party isle haha!

Happily this is not one of those gritty glittery nail polishes rather it dries to a smooth, super sparkly finish
that is almost impossible to capture on camera and is fully opaque in two to three coats.
Normally I have no time for polishes that require being layered on but as this dries so quickly
I can not fault it in the slightest not to mention the brush is one of the best I have used in a long while.

Butter London Lovely Jubbly Nail Lacquer 11ml/£13 via Butter London - link