Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Beauty Items to Get Excited About #1

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Rather than spam you will countless beauty press releases I have decided to sit down on a weekly basis
and compose a little list of upcoming beauty products that I am excited about.
Less bulk more beauty is my aim for 2013!

1, Laura Mercier's Arabesque collection for Spring 2013 is perhaps my favourite collection this side of 2013
(she says 8 days into the year), it has a certain romance to it with pretty pastels which I forever associate
with the Ballet balanced out with some staple nudes/neutrals.

2, Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks have went straight to the top of my must have list,
after purchasing a few By Terry cream shadow sticks and loving the versatility combined with the ease of use, it is safe to say I can not wait to get my grubby mitts on a few new shades to add to my cream stash.

3, The odd sneaky image of MAC's Archie's Girls collection which is set to launch next month in the US/Canada (most likely April for the UK) has cropped up on Instagram and on Google searches
but the official colour story and promotional images have yet to leak online.
Some of the lipsticks have already popped up on eBay and I simply must have Bright Betty and 
Daddy's Little Girl to see a collage of the eBay lipstick images click here.

4, From what I have gathered NYX's Butter Lip Glosses (available in 12 shades)
are pretty much liquidised lip butters which most like their solid counterparts can be worn alone
or layered over another lip colour.
Essentially they should offer the coverage of a lipstick coupled with the hydration of a balm
and the sheen of a gloss product.

5, Maybelline have me rather excited by their February launch of Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick Collection which features some of the brightest, neon lipsticks I have ever seen on the UK high street. From the swatches I have seen online they are well pigmented yet creamy and every bit 
as bright on the lips as they appear in bullet form...hallelujah!

6, Max Factor will be jumping on to the chubby crayon lipstick craze (a little late albeit) with their
Colour Elixir Giant Pen Sticks which will launch in April.
At the moment I'm not blown away but you can see a swatch of the coral shade here - link.

7, Next month sees Estee Lauder launch a small collection of slim sheer matte lip colours which are all very Spring appropriate in tone and as it Estee Lauder I have every faith that their new Pure Colour Sheer Matte lipsticks will live up to my expectations.
Admittedly I have never encountered matte lipsticks in sheer form...interesting.

8, Also launching next month is the eagerly awaited Benefit Fine One One which is a cream stick
combining a strip of each blush, bronzer and highlighter which makes creating perfectly sculpted cheeks a breeze! This has already launched stateside so a quick Google will supply all the swatches you'll ever need.

Honorable Mention - So?...perfumes will also be releasing a small collective of dry shampoo's
each fragranced with their signature scents, these debuted at the Clothes Show Live last month
but can now be found in selected Saver stores before being rolled out in Boots, Superdrug etc next month.

What are you excited to see launch?

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  1. So excited about the Archie's Girls collection arriving in the UK!! xo

  2. Oh wow that Benefit stick looks interesting.. I don't know if it would really work though, can't wait for that one to be released so I can have a play! The rest of them just seem.. 'okay' though :/ xx

  3. Those Maybelline vivid lipsticks look amazing!!

  4. 5+6 look amazing, neon lipstick ahhh! So excited!:)

  5. so many products i am thinking i'm going to need, oh god...

  6. You have got me excited about these products for sure! Those Max Factor lip pencils look cool and the Estee Lauder lipsticks too :)

  7. I'm really excited about the lipsticks from Mac Archie's girls collection and the new Maybelline Vivids!!! Ronnie Red will be mine!


  8. Ah im so excited about all of this! especially the so?.. dry shampoo's as i did some product testing for them so would love to see how they've turned out.

    Zoe |

  9. The new Benefit product and the Maybelline Lipsticks caught my attention :) New releases are always fun xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  10. Lots of lovely new goodies x loving Laura merciersnew collection and theatre benefit fine one one xx was also liking the new clarins spring collection which is out nowxxx

  11. The Archie's Girls lipsticks look amazing!x

  12. I'm looking forward to the rimmel apocalips;)

  13. I love this feature, it's really nice to get an overview of upcoming products!! xx

  14. I think i love you. You always show me the best things to oggle/lust over.
    I want want want the Benefit Fine one! Soo much.

    It will probably look pants on my complexion but the packaging and product look too purdy.

    Jules x

  15. I'm really excited for the nars spring collection, or more openly the blush from that collection!!

  16. omg loveee the sound/look of the mac and benefit! x

  17. Really rather excited for the MAC Archie lipsticks, a true spin on geek chic.

  18. Love Max Factor and Bobbi Brown, so excited for all the new s/s beauty releases!


  19. love so many of these, the benefit fine one one is already on my wishlist :D

  20. very nice sharing regarding beauty find out the latest updates regarding the beauty and fashion industry on beauty tips

  21. Wow!! Great products! Can't wait to try out many of these beauties! Especially Benefit Fine One One is the first I will try for sure ;-)

  22. As excited as I am for the colour vivid lipsticks, i just seen swatches for the maybelline colour whispers which have been released in the US and they honestly look like everything the Revlon lip butters should have been. Plus they have a beautiful coral which I think you will love! Hope they launch here soon!

  23. Ooh love the Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder products! Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on them!

  24. I think I'm most excited about Benefit!

  25. P.S. GREAT post and keep them coming! I love that it is all in one! X

  26. Oh my, that Benefit blush looks like a must have! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  27. So excited for all the new releases, S/S 13 looks so colourful and pink! Love it!!!!!
    Gem x |

  28. Ooo I can't wait for the Maybelline Lipsticks, they look gorgeous! Would be interesting to try the benefit all in one product as well. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger


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