Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wishing on a Star #6


I have been put on a spending ban by my family and friends as they are worried that

I will purchase something that they have selected me for Christmas
so for now all I can do is window shop and perhaps create the odd wishlist,
one of which I'm sharing with you all today.

1, If you ever require a long lasting lip colour that does not budge, bleed or feather
then I can not recommend OCC Lip Tars, I own two both of which I adore
but the shade that is next on my hit list is Hush which is a great blend of pink and brown,
very much my typical everyday lip shade.
£12 via Cult Beauty - link

2, I know Rita Ora has been on the press for all the wrong reasons at the moment
but you have got to admit that the girl knows how to rock a red lip.
Apparently her two go to shades are by MAC - Lady Danger and Ruby Woo.
I'm really considering snapping up both?
£14 each via MAC Cosmetics - link

3, The beauty world seems to love Aesop skin care at the moment 
and as I'm struggling with under the skin break outs left, right and center I think 2013
will warrant a purchase of Aesop's Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque to see 
if it can solve my skin care woes.
£33 via Aesop - link

4, Benefit's Ring My Bella is a perfect floral that reminds me of Spring
and would be perfect for chasing away any winter blues.
I may wait until the January sales and see if I can snap this up for a reduce price!
£29.50 via Benefit - link

5, 2013 will be the year when most down Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser for Jouer's formula.
I'm currently testing the luminous version and can quickly tell you that it is beyond amazing
but I will share all in a review very soon but I'm thinking that the matte version may be more my style.
£29 via Cult Beauty - link

6, I have decided that I will expand my NARS blush collection as I find the formula hard to beat,
the two shades that I long after the most is Gina and Gilda which in reality aren't all that dissimilar
so I think when push comes to shove I guess I'll have to pick one.
£21 each via NARS - link

7, Is it wrong that I am day dreaming of Summer so I can dig out the coral lipsticks?
Yes it probably is, the next coral I would really like to own is YSL's Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick 
in shade 36 which is a bright, coral that leans slightly orange...hello summer!
£23.50 via House of Fraser - link

What are you lusting after at the moment?

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  1. I regret buying Ruby Woo and wish I had bought Lady Danger. In this cold weather it's like dragging a crayon over my lips. So impossibly matte! I really want some lip tars though xx

  2. The benefit scent Ring My Bella is pretty nice. I like it.

  3. If you don't already, you need Nars Luster! It looks a bit meh in the pan, but it's a gorgeous coral shade - you'll love it ;) xx

  4. Uh... Nars Gina and Gilda are completely different. Have you tried them at the counter? Gina is an orange toned one and Gilda is coral-pink. I had both and swapped Gina as its colour was too orange for my skin tone. A pitty I didn't know you wanted it :(

  5. I still have yet to buy a benifit perfume, I've always wanted the Carmella one, but the price tag threw me a bit. I'm very used to using the body shop perfumes which are under a tenner! <3 them ha ha

    Hamida x

  6. I love all of the benefit perfumes, but am yet to actually buy myself one! Laugh with me lee lee is my favourite smelling one. Wó knows, maybe ill get it this Christmas?

  7. I LOVE the YSL lipstick. Lovely post. X

  8. OMG the YSL lippie looks amazing! I have NARS Gina and it's a great summer blush, looks amazing with a tan. I feel the same about the MAC lipsticks, wondering whether to snap up both?! Haha xx

  9. I have NARS Gina and love it! it looks scary but NARS blushes are so great for being bulidable so you don't have to worry. xx

  10. oh I need some lip tar... that stuff looks awesome :)

  11. Thank for sharing. i like coral lipsticks.

  12. I think I may be lusting after every possible Nars blush there is.. I also would really love Ruby Woo! x

  13. Amazing coral lipsticks.!! really good


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