I think I may have stumbled across the most perfect blend of red and pink in lipstick form,
if like myself you would love to be one of those women who effortlessly wear a red lipstick
but have yet to talk yourself up to such point then this shade is for you.
Not to mention it is the most perfect shade for winter, Soap and Glory proving yet again
why they are one of my favourite brands!

I truthfully have no problems what so ever with the packaging of Soap and Glory's Lipsticks
and would go as far as stating that the sleek matte black case which is fairly heavy gives it a slightly
more expensive feel that it really is.
Of course with it being a Soap and Glory product it does feature a flash of pink on the case
with is handled tastefully in font form, the lipstick bullet also has the Soap and Glory logo
embossed onto the front which is something I only ever associate with higher end brands.

Within the range which has been dubbed The Super Colour Fabulipstick Powdercoat Matte Lipstick (quite a mouthful I'm sure you will agree and will now understand why I have refrained for giving it's full title up until now) there is three shades in total but today I will be focusing on the deep berry shade which is Pom Pom.
Pom Pom is the perfect medley of pink and red which results in a mid tone berry shade being born
with a blue undertone to help teeth look whiter.
As it is beautifully pigmented this shade will suit all skin tones and as mentioned earlier perfect for
the winter months or to vamp it up in a slightly more muted fashion.

There are no faults to be had with the formula of The Super Colour Fabulipstick Powdercoat Matte Lipstick
(I feel like Mary Poppins each time I type that), it glides on with such ease and feels creamy yet velvet soft,
really comfortable and light on the lips.
Despite being a matte lipstick it does not dry out the lips nor does it cling to dry areas or highlight any other
flaws the lips may have, rather it provides full opaque coverage that wears really well - around 4 hours.
Truly one of the best matte formulas I have ever encoutered and well worth the £9 price tag.

 The Super Colour Fabulipstick Powdercoat Matte Lipstick in Pom Pom* £9 via Boots - link