"In the end, it all comes down to one word, grace inside: how you climb up the mountain is just as important as how you get down the mountain. 
And, so it is with life, which for many of us becomes one big gigantic test followed
by one big gigantic lesson.
In the end, it all comes down to one word. Grace. 
It's how you accept winning and losing, good luck and bad luck, the darkness and the light."

I like trigger scents - a fragrance that as soon as you detect it, it instantly transports you back to a moment
in time, yours to recall over and over as long as you live.
As most will know I truly do adore Christmas and I do enjoy looking back at all the happy times spent
opening presents under the tree and stuffing our faces until we fall into a food coma...good times!
However this year I wanted to wear a new scent so that when I wear it all I can smell and see is Christmas 2012 and fitting the bill nicely is Philosophy Amazing Grace.

Philosophy Amazing Grace is a light, super clean floral it is pure and delicate in scent
and despite not being a Christmas aimed product I do fell it should be as it reminds me in fragrance
at least of freshly fallen snow and icy mornings when you can see your breathe and live in fear of falling over!
It is beautifully feminine and so understated, it won't engulf a room or a person but it does linger on the skin
giving a gentle floral breeze every now and then.

If you do like the sounds of this scent then although it is against my Boxing Day A.K.A Be a Lazy Bum rules
it may be worth your while braving the sales as I have seen it on a good few sites now for half price
which sold out promptly!