Today I have been sprucing up the house so everything is just so for Wednesday when we put up the Christmas tree and all the other festive decor that comes along with this time of the year.
For the first time in what feels like forever we are considering purchasing in a real wreath for our front door
as you can probably tell I have been watching one to many Christmas movies...what's new there.
Anyway after a busy day of cleaning and tidying up it is time for me to pamper myself!

The winter weather is sucking all of the life out of my skin so I am going to fall back on my trusty Vichy
Normaderm 3-in-1 product which can be used as mask, facial wash or scrub.
I prefer it to apply a thin layer as a mask, sit back and let it suck all the impurities out of my skin.
Once rinsed off my skin always has a healthy glow and is much softer.
This is a great product to keep in the bathroom for skin care dilemmas.
Normaderm 3-in-1 125ml/£11 via Boots - link

As mentioned my skin is dull and sallow at the moment so I have decided to rummage through the skin care vaults and in turn I stumbled across Ren's Radiance Perfection Serum which is a light non greasy
serum that not only adds a light layer of hydration but it helps to perk and brighten up the complexion.
Yes I will be applying this tonight but I think until my skin gets to grips with the current cold climate
this will be a permanent addition to my skin care routine.
Ren Radiance Perfection Serum 30ml/£35 via Look Fantastic - link

My hair is currently my biggest beauty woe and while tidying up and clearing out I found a dinky little
tube of Dove's Colour Radiance Express Treatment which I have used in the past to keep my colour fresh
and give my hair a great deep down conditioning treatment.
The wonderful thing about this product is that it actually works 
and will not only protect your colour from fading but will quickly nourish thirsty and damaged hair.
Dove Colour Radiance Express Treatment 180ml/£3.35 via Superdrug - link

As most know I'm not the biggest fan of oil based products but I have recently decided to put how the
texture makes me feel so I can reap the benefits and along with Moroccan Oil Light this is one of the
few hair oils I truly rate!
Macadamia Healing Oil adds instant hydration to my dry ends, hides and seals split ends, adds a light sheen to my hair and makes drying it into a straight style so much easier as it combats frizz and fly away's.
All that without weighing down the hair, not too shabby huh?
Macadamia Healing Oil 125ml/£20 via Feel Unique - link

It is true to say that I am slowly turning into a Christmas Elf all that is missing is the tights so it is only fitting that this weeks manicure is a glitter based polish, Essie's Lady Like should be on everyone's hit list
as it is deep red glitter that is festive yet grown up, a must have in my opinion.
Essie's Lady Like £7.99 via Boots - link

My candle of choice is a festive medley of fruit and spices in the form of Neom's Christmas Wish Candle
which has been filling my house with a warm and comforting winter scent.
Neom's Christmas Wish Candle £42 - link

Have a great Sunday everyone!