Last year's post "My 11 Must Have Beauty Products of 2011" - link
is so different from this years offering - only one product has made the bill for two consecutive years
and that is my beloved MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation.
Isn't it funny how much changes in a year, even in regards to beauty products?
Last year I was excited about the Naked 2 Palette and since then another Naked offering has appeared
on the scene...I wonder what 2013 has to offer?

1. Clarins Instant Smooth Primer* - I used to be devoted to Benefit's Porefessional but since discovering
Clarins Instant Smooth Primer I have not touched any other primer.
It is a skin miracle in a small red jar, it disguises enlarged pores, gives an air brushed effect to the skin,
prolongs make-up wear and keeps my skin matte.
Trust me to try this is to love it!
 Clarins Instant Smooth Primer £25 via Clarins - link

2. L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil* - 2012 has most certainly been the year that I no longer fear oil
based products, despite being an oil this foams ever so slightly, cleanses the skin
all the while engulfing it in moisture.
Oh and it smells heavenly!
 L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil £16.50 via L'Occitane - link

3. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - My holy grail foundation by far, I know not every oily skinned
chica enjoys this but I find once set with a good translucent powder it stays put without
turning my skin into an oil slick.
The coverage is mid-high but natural at the same time and so comfortable to wear.
I must stress that this formula isn't for everyone so do ask for a sample at your local
counter if you are considering purchasing this.
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation £24 via MAC - link

4. Ojon Dry Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner - I will be the first to admit that this is a pretty pricey
brand but no other formula has hydrated my hair quite like it and repaired my dry ends quite like it.
My only complaint is the price point as I do go through quite a few bottles in a very short time period
but I guess you get what you pay for.
 Ojon Dry Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner from £6 via Ojon - link

5. Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel - This is the only cleanser I will use nowadays
and seem to preach about it on an almost daily basis.
Again this is an oil based product but as soon as water comes into contact with the gel
it dissolves into a milky cleanser that removes all traces of make-up, dirt and grime without being harsh.
It has been a game changer for me and one I urge everyone to check out.
 Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel £19 via Clarins - link

6. Nails Inc Baker Street - I have worn this polish more times than I care to count.
The bright cornflower blue of Baker Street never fails to get a compliment or two
and as it is made by Nails Inc it wears rather well too...yay for minimal chips!
Nails Inc Baker Street £11 via Nails Inc - link

7. Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - Finding an all round brilliant eye cream is pretty much mission
impossible well unless you have discovered Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream!
This little wonder tube not only hydrates, prevents signs of aging but also heals the skin
as well as banishing dark circles, by far my favourite skin care find of 2012.
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream £20 via Balance Me - link

8.Revlon Lip Butters - Can you recall how much hype surrounded these little tubes of lip colour?
I sure can and have to admit that I was not disappointed in the slightest.
Okay one or two shades are not to my taste but on the whole the collection of 12 pretty
hybrids of lipstick and lip balm rocked my little socks off and I always have one or two in my bag.
Revlon Lip Butters currently £5 usually £7.99 via Boots - link

9, The Kardashian Khroma Make-Up Collection* - Okay much like above I am making a sweeping statement but the recent launch of Khroma has really surpassed all of my expectations
with the Khole Kardazzle palette and Nude Lip Kit worming their way into my affections.
The Khroma range is available from here - link

10, YSL Blond Ingenu Lipstick - Everyone should have their own perfect nude lip colour
and for me that is YSL Blond Ingenu Rouge Pur.
Admittedly I purchased this after discovering it is a favourite of Lana Del Rey but that aside it
really is the most perfect nude which a warm undertone and slight peachy leaning.
This has quickly became my go to everyday lip shade.
YSL Blond Ingenu Rouge Pur Lipstick £23.50 via House of Fraser - link

11. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks - If you ever require a long lasting lip colour then I can not recommend Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks enough, the light liquid formula
dries to a matte finish that is not drying which is rare for truly matte lip colours
and stays put all day long.
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks £15 via Stila -link

12. V05 Shower Elixir Oil - If you have damaged hair get yourself along to your nearest Boots or Superdrug
and snap up a tube of this budget hair oil.
To use you simply apply to dry hair, leave for up to 15 minutes and wash your hair as normal,
this product is great for those like myself who don't truly enjoy oil products as you get all the extra hydration
of an oil based product without the sticky, heavy feeling. 
V05 Shower Elixir Oil £4.29 via Boots - link