Another hand cream I hear you utter!
Yep, it seems I'm on a one lady voyage to find every reader their perfect hand cream
and this time around I have an offering from Monsoon which is from their beauty line,
admittedly I didn't know Monsoon offered beauty products...every day is a school day!

"Treat your hands, nails and cuticles to a naturally enriched blend of organic passionflower
 and anti-oxidant mangosteen fruit, with deeply conditioning oil of almond and naturally anti-ageing vitamin E. All effervescing with deliciously heady aromas of rose petal, jasmine absolute, warm musk and cedarwood. With organic mangosteen & passionflower. Passion unites us. 
The spirit of celebration, it excites our being and ignites our senses."

Scent wise this reminds me of Parma Violet sweets with a little kick of spice,
if you have no idea what Parma Violets are then the closest thing I can think of that smells pretty similar
is Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, a strange comparison I'll give you that but it somehow works
and the spicy note is perfect for the winter season.

When clothing brands and celebrities branch out into cosmetics and other things of that nature
I never really have high hopes but Monsoon have really come out tops with the formulation of the hand cream, it is thick and creamy yet has a balm like property which acts as a barrier to help protect your hands
throughout the day and in between applications.
I find the formula to instantly hydrate and after a few uses it helps remove and keep dry skin at bay,
all in all a really great hand cream with a bizarre yet beautiful scent.

Monsoon Passion Hand and Nail Cream* £9.50/75ml via Monsoon - link