Saturday, December 29, 2012

MAC Stereo Rose MSF (Mineral Skin Finish) - Review

When the news broke that MAC would be re-launching their ever famous Mineral Skin Finish in Stereo Rose, I pretty much jumped for joy and knew at least one had to be mine!
I'd be lying if I said I didn't stalk the MAC web page all day on Thursday until it went live,
the last time it was around in 2010 it sold out pretty much instantly and I refused to miss out.
What I don't understand is why MAC have not made this a permanent shade within the MSF line
as there is no shade quite like it and it is clearly a best seller each time it is re-launched.
If they can make Candy Yum Yum part of the core line then why not this?

I'm not going to bother fully discussing the packaging - it is typical of MAC in style, sleek and black,
sturdy with a window to see the colour held within, no complaints from me what so ever.
MAC Stereo Rose is listed on the MAC website as "coral with golden/bronze shimmering nuances"
which I agree with fully but to elaborate a little further I would say that it leans more pink than orange
in terms of coral and has a strong yellow undertone.
I feel perhaps coral is a push and that shell pink is more apt but it is a beautiful shade regardless,
is well pigmented and will be a blush option for all light to medium skin tones, deeper skin tones
may find this is better suited as a highlighter.

As with all MAC MSF's that do not fall into the natural category this is a shimmer based product
which I know is not to everyone's taste and I will be the first to admit that normally when it comes to blushes
I tend to steer clear of anything that isn't matte or satin but for Stereo Rose I make an exception.
On my skin tone when applied to my cheeks it gives a slightly sun kissed perhaps even slightly burnt
effect which sounds horrific but it is rather flattering in an odd way.
Despite being a formula that is not typically all that kind to those with enlarged pores and/or fine lines
it does not settle into such faults and highlight them...yay for small miracles!
In terms of wear which I am relying on my past experiences with Stereo Rose this tends to wear for
around 6 hours and can make my cheeks a little oily towards the end of the day.

MAC Stereo Rose MSF £21.50/10g via MAC - link


  1. Everyone is going crazy for this relaunch and I really don't know why, it's a nice colour but I don't know why its so unbelievably popular. This is definitely perfect for summer but I'm not all that crazy over it.

    1. Truthfully I think it is one of those shades you have to try on to understand and I guess even then it won't suit everyone :)
      For me it is one of the few lighter pink blushes that actually looks good on me but other than that it's nothing special :)

  2. It is super pretty but I don't really understand the mad rush to spend £21.50 on what is essentially a pink highlighter? Thanks for showing me what all the madness is about anyway! :)

  3. Cant wait to receive mine Adrienne! Thanks so much for letting us know when it went up-as soon as I saw your tweet I was straight on it!!

    Stacey xxx

  4. Blummin ek that came quickly!!! Forgive me if i'm wrong...but isn't this just a glorified blush? Maybe I'm getting cynical in my old age...

    1. Nope you are right it is just essentially a blush :)
      for me it's the shade that makes it special but yes nothing groundbreaking :)

  5. I picked this up at a Pro store last week and I have to admit I'm kind of disappointed considering the hype around Stereo Rose. I'm pretty pale and it looks very boring on.

    1. Ah I'm sorry to hear that :( I tend to use mine when I am tanned but if you loathe it you'll have no problem selling it on :)

  6. I've been thinking about getting this but i'm a bit doubtful as i'm unsure how this will come out on darker skin! I'm not used to using highlighters and it looks quite light so I think i'd need to see how it's applied first :(

  7. This looks so pretty! I don't know if my pasty skin would suit it though, it looks quite a reddish pink? I love all the MSF's though <3

  8. cannot WAIT for mine to arrive, I kinda feel as though if this was in their permanent line it wouldn't be as special! x

  9. I dont own a msf but this one looks so beautiful i might to splurdge!:)

  10. Candy yum yum is part of the permanent line. I didn't know that. Have to get one:)

  11. I really like this! I do not have anything like this in my collection ... I am tempted to pick it up now



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