This will be my last review of a sample box for a while, it is nothing personal to any brand that supplies
such boxes more of a case of I am growing really tired of them.
I have always said to myself as soon as that day came along I would take a break as who wants to read a review of anything that is half arsed ?
Perhaps one day an amazing box will come along, blow my socks off and I will simply
have to share it but until then I'm afraid it is adios!

To Glossybox's credit the variations of the festive edition is actually a rather great box
and I am beyond happy with what I have received and I have not seen any grumbles anywhere
but as always if you feel differently please feel free to vent in the comment section.

So what was inside my jolly silver box - I do enjoy a good Christmas make-over don't you?

Rituals Magic Touch Whipped Body Cream (Full Size £5/70ml)

If I had little gold stars to dish out for beauty products that come along and knock me for six
this would be bedazzled like a night sky.
My sweet lord this smells amazing, fresh, clean and rather feminine...I can't really sum the fragrance 
but i'm a little obsessed with the scent but that aside Rituals Magic Touch Whipped Body Cream is
a thick, luxurious body product that instantly absorbs into the skin leaving behind no residue
just gloriously soft and supple skin.

Seche Nail Lacquer in Elegant (Full Size £9.95/14ml)
For what it is worth I do not like the shade one little bit - a deep rose gold come bronze
but the formula is astounding, opaque in one coat and dries quicker than quick.
When I next visit Sally's I will definitely seek out a staple shade to add to my stash
for those days when time doesn't allow for a proper manicure.

Ayuri Moisturising Sandalwood Foaming Face Wash (Full Size £4.99)

After reading an article which analysed various foaming facial washes and discovering that most (not all)
foaming facial products contain the same ingredient that allows washing up liquid to foam I have steered
clear of such products, I have no idea why that one comparison has resonated with me but it has.
However I have been using it as a body wash and find it to work out quite well,
cleansing and despite having a sandalwood scent it is mild
and reminds me a little of Johnson's Baby Shampoo in fragrance.

Lemon by Mary Greenwell (5ml vial sample)

Over the last year I have experienced various Mary Greenwell scents in sample form
and I have yet to find one that I personally enjoy or would wear and Lemon is no different.
I find Mary Greenwell fragrances to be very strong and mature.

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Cherry (Full Size £4.99)

In one of the box variations there is an Au Natural palette by Sleek which surprisingly I am relived
I did not receive as I have owned it for quite some time now and it doesn't nearly get enough love
as it deserves.
In it's place I have a beautiful deep red almost plum lipstick shade that is perfect for this time
of the year and is one I can not wait to team up with a glitzy party outfit or two.

Kroylan for Glossybox Blush in Rosewood (Box Extra)

Kroylan is one of those brands I often read about but have never experienced up until now
but all I can say is that I am a fan and will be seeking out other products by Kroylan.
Rosewood is a matte dusky pink that is a great dupe for MAC's Mocha blush.

All in all a really great box with in excess of £25 worth of products most of which I am more than
happy with so no complaints from me, easily one of the better boxes of 2012.

Glossybox* is a monthly subscription service and costs £10 (plus p&p) per month - link