Clogged, enlarged pores and blackheads are something I have suffered from since my early teens
and I do blame various acne medications which should never been prescribed to me in the first place - 
I'm a drama queen and was more so when I was younger.
I went to the doctors with a small cluster of spots and he said it was acne, a normal person would have laughed and prescribed a life and perhaps a bottle of Clearasil to boot.
Anyway the damage has been done and now I'm in my twenties I will pretty much try anything to help
solve the problem or make my skin a little less flawed.

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel is a bizarre and totally new concept to me,
it essentially melts off dead skin - I have spared you the visual but little balls of old/dead/dry skin appear
on your face when used first I did panic and think "oh no, my face is melting off" but like I said
I am a drama queen and this is what is meant to happen...phew!

You would assume that a product of this nature would have a grainy texture as it is essentially an exfoliant
but Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel is smooth, almost balm like in consistency and despite
being labelled a Green Tea product I find it to be scent free.
To use you simple apply to dry skin, smooth all over the face, leave for around a minute and then rise clean,
you can follow up with a cleanser if you wish.

Truthfully novelty factor aside this has to be one of the best exfoliants I ever used, 
as soon as I use it my skin is instantly brightened and smoother all without the harshness of a typical scrub.
I have been using this for around two months now and I have noticed that my pores are clearer 
and as a result less noticeable and I very seldom have blackheads any more.
The only problem is that if I don't use this daily, my skin quickly becomes dull and retorts back to how it
once was which is a little disapointing but none the less a great, gentle product.

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel* 60ml/£22 via Harvey Nichols - link