Thursday, December 20, 2012

GADI 21 MINERALS Dead Sea Scrub in Tangerine-Melon - Review

If like myself you grew up with a stocking above the fire place with a tangerine and a bag of golden
chocolate coins you may enjoy the scent of Tangerine products around Christmas time,
admittedly the product I'm about to rave about is not cheap but if you can't treat yourself at 
Christmas when can you? I also use my Birtday and now my blog's Birthday to treat myself...oops.

"A gentle exfoliating body scrub formulated to exfoliate, boost cell turnover 
and enhance skin renewal.
This exfoliating salt scrub is a sumptuous blend of skin polishing Dead Sea Salt wrapped in moisturising botanical and essential oils to refine and resurface the texture of the skin 
and leave it super smooth. 
With a sweet, fresh and juicy citrus top-note of tangerine and bright, exotic melon oil to soothe 
and relax your body and mind."

As soon as you open this scrub up you will notice the light, fruity notes which are gentle
and not overly sweet nor sickly just a refreshing scent that reminds me of sorbet!
The GADI 21 Mineral products are sheer luxury and one of the few brands I have tested over the
years that I would say are on par with top spa quality products.
This scrub is slightly finer than I would normally plump for and has a slightly oily base
so not only will it buff your skin into a super soft state but it is not the best bet for removing
the likes of self tanner but for daily exfoliation it is hard to beat!

GADI 21 MINERALS Dead Sea Scrub in Tangerine-Melon* £30/14.1oz via House of Fraser - link
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  1. A tangerine-melon scrub sounds so good.

  2. This sounds right up my street, little pricey but I'm dipping into the higher end products in 2013! x

  3. This sounds gorgeous - if a little out of my price range. Saying that I am a sucker for body scrubs! xx

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  4. this looks amazing. have been searching for something like it! body scrubs are my favourite!

  5. I have a few Gadi 21 products. They are pricey but they work beautifully. The face soap I'm not keen on but that was a free one to try out.
    I always haggle with the sales reps. The company makes such high margins on their products that the reps are open to haggling. If you don't like the 2 for 1 offers, just ask for a switch so you get 2 different products. If it's too expensive, say so firmly (and then watch the deals offered). Their willingness to bargain is what keeps me going back for what are very expensive products.


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