Within the U.K brands such as Essence and Catrice are hard to come by and if you do find the odd stockist
it is normally within a bargain type shop, laden with old and damaged stock.
So finding a product I truly adore by one of said brands is a little heartbreaking as I know
once it dies a death finding a replacement is never going to be easy.
Step up Catrice Made to Stay Long Wearing Eyeshadows.

Much like most long lasting cream eyeshadow products currently on the market Catrice Made to Stay Long Wearing Eyeshadows come presented within smallish, glass, screw top containers, 
not at all dissimilar from the likes of MAC and Maybelline.
I have no real complaints about the packaging other than you do have to be careful if carrying one around
in your bag as broken glass is never fun and neither is a cut finger or two!

I bought this way back in July but only started using it about a month ago so I'm afraid I have no idea how
much this line retails for but I'm sure it was less than £5, according to Catrice's website there is 6 shades
to be collected and I have a deep metallic taupe dubbed Metall of Honor.
Metall of Honour is cool in tone despite having a shot of golden bronze shimmer scattered throughout,
best summed up Metall of Honor is a medley of both brown and purple with a slight bronze accent.
I find this shade to be a great partner to Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette.

I prefer applying cream eyeshadows with my fingertips as I find the heat of my hands warms the product
slightly and eases application but if a brush is more your thing I can report that this method works well too.
Catrice Made to Stay Long Wearing Eyeshadows are fairly thick in texture yet creamy, I find that you do have to blend them out thoroughly to prevent creasing and a primer wouldn't go a miss either.
However pigmentation, comfort and wear time I have no grumbles as it ticks all boxes
not to mention it is a great multi-use product : eyeshadow, eyeshadow base and eyeliner
so if you do stumble across these little metallic pots of glory, snap a few up immediately.

As mentioned I bought this abroad so I have no UK stockists at hand but you can find out
more via Catrice's website - link