Bobbi Brown is one of those few brands that I can not walk past in a department store
without at least having a nosey of the new products and more often than not I walk away with
a purchase or two...I really must work on my constraint issues haha!
My latest purchase is the beautiful Black Pearl Eyeshadow Palette which is perfect for the upcoming
party season!

Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eyeshadow Palette packaging is very preppy in style and not really
what I have come to expect from the brand, in fact I am pretty sure that Juicy Couture use
a similar style logo on some of their bags?
Aesthetics aside the palette is very sturdy but constructed entirely of plastic, I don't know about you
when I pay £42 for a make-up item I do expect it to look a little more high end and luxurious!
A redeeming feature is that it has a great, clear, well sized mirror inside which is handy for on the go
applications etc.

Inside the small black shiny casing you will find six eyeshadows and rather than compiling a broad
sweeping statement of the formula below I have given a colour run down of each shade and also how
it performs in terms of texture and pigmentation.
In terms of wear I do find that the Bobbi Brown formula's fare best with a good primer
and don't really have a tendency to crease but some of the glittery shades can be tricky to blend out.

White - Matte, Bright White - Smooth but not well pigmented (chalky) and does require a few layers to see best results, well blended out it fades out so much that it almost becomes invisible.

Tin - Metallic, light lavender tinged grey/silver - light yet well pigmented, again smooth but does not fade when blended out with other shades.

Black Velvet - Sparkle (Glitter), purple base with pink and silver glitter - A little gritty but such a beautiful shade, it is not as pigmented as it looks in pan form.

Oyster Grey - Shimmer Wash (Sheer) - Not as sheer as you'd imagine, well pigmented and super easy to wear and to apply.

Grey Denim - Matte, grey tinged mid tone brown - A decent enough matte shade, smooth and soft with
great colour pay off but the shade is a little bland.

Charcoal - Matte, true black - a great true matte black eyeshadow with no application problems.

At £42 this is not cheap but it does provide all the shades I would typically use for a dramatic smoky eye look with a beautiful glitter shade that is unusual but perfectly compliments the colour palette.
What I like most about this palette is the array of formula's contained within as it does lend itself to
both day and evening looks, surprisingly the sheer shade is one of my favourites from the six
as it such an effortless shade to wear.

Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eyeshadow Palette £42/9.4g via Selfridges - link