I begged my Mother to allow me to open my Christmas present early (new camera)
so I could film this swap but she was having none of it so you will have to feast your eyes on
the latest products that my lovely swap buddy Papish sent all the way from Spain.

Papish knows me so, so well and always picks me up the best Essence and Catrice finds,
which I'm more than grateful for as the UK stocks neither brand...petition time?
As the products only landed on my doorstep yesterday I have still to play around with most of them
but I can say that the Essence Twilight Blush is my first ever red blush of this type and
I may be a total convert to red blush...who would have thought it!

I can't help but think I have a ready made Spring make-up collection in front of me
not that I don't wear coral and mint all year around anyway haha!
I will of course update with little reviews of the products here and there 
but thought it would be nice to not only thank Papish but also show how great international swaps can be!

Do you ever participate within make-up swaps?