This post is not about something pleasant in fact it can be rather unsightly and annoying,
yup I'm talking about Backne those pesky blemishes which are often painful and appear
on the back and shoulder areas.

Of course not everyone will suffer from Backne and if yours is pretty serious then a visit to your doctor
is your best bet but if like myself you are prone to the odd breakout, typically I suffer the most in the colder
months as very little skin gets to see any natural light through fear of frostbite...brr!

Recently I have been using Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash, which can be used
all over including the face as it is gentle with a skin friendly pH balance, so the skin is not stripped of its
natural moisture levels which is important regardless of where on the body you use it.
Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash is a light foaming wash that is coupled with natural Tea Tree Oil, which is a natural antiseptic so it helps to kill any bacteria on the skin, remove excess oil
and as we all know Tea Tree Oil is a great natural blemish buster.

I simply use this in place of a regular shower gel and ensure that I use it at least once a day on my problem
areas, I find it dries out any blemishes on my body and they disappear quicker than when they are left to
their own devices not to mention by using this I have noticed it prevents future blemishes appearing,
which is always a winning trait in my book.

You didn't hear this from me but this is what most Clarins counters use to deep cleanse their make-up brushes, i've yet to try it for this purpose but if it's good enough for Clarins it's good enough for me.

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash* 250ml/£12.50 - link