I much come across as a woman obsessed with scenting her home?
Well it's not far from the truth, I have passed on my penchant for wax tarts to all near
and dear but the great thing about wax tarts are they are so cheap and come in so many scents.
As mentioned before my favourite's do tend to be the festive scents which I may have went overboard
with this year hence the multiple posts...oops!

One of the most asked questions when I post about wax tarts is what do I use to burn mine
so here is the link to my wax burner which I have a few of - link,
I have a few of those scattered around my home always ready for a new scent or two.
I never use a full tart as it is too overpowering instead I use a quarter or sometimes a half of a tart
if I'm feeling flush which is easily enough done as the Yankee tarts crumble so easily.

Yankee Christmas Cookie - link
This is one of my favourite Yankee scents but admittedly it is not for everyone.
Christmas Cookie is a sweet, artificial vanilla scent that is somewhat similar to Yankee's Cupcake fragrance,
it can be a little sickly but for reasons unexplainable I do enjoy it.

Yankee Eggnog - link
For someone who has never experienced Eggnog I am fairly racking up the Eggnog scented products.
I have come to the conclusion that I am not entirely sold on the scent in general nor do I think I will
ever gulp down Eggnog but then again never say never eh!
Anyway this is a light vanilla scent that is tinged with a light cinnamon kick,
it is festive without being overly spice based.

Yankee Frosted Cedar Wreath - link
This is my new favourite Yankee fragrance as you can imagine it has a slight woodland scent
without reminding you of Pine cleaning products.
It combines the woody notes with mint that makes a lovely, cool winter option
that is easy to burn and not at all overpowering.

Yankee North Pole - link
All I can say is that this scent is very true to Mint Candy Canes,
minty and fresh with a slight candy ring is how I would describe this best.

Yankee White Christmas - link
Now I understand that capturing the essence of snow is never going to be easy
but why Yankee feel the need to reel out their fresh laundry type scent over and over again is beyond me.
Don't get me wrong it is pleasant enough but not really all that festive.

I buy all my tarts from eBay and do use various sellers which I have linked beside each tart.
If you have any questions about wax tarts do feel free to ask in the comment section,
I'm not claiming to be an expert but hopefully I will be able to help :)