Over the coming weeks I am going to be sharing some of my winter essentials that I use to keep
dry skin, chapped lips and other winter woes at bay.
Today I have decided to kick things off with a little segment dedicated to my favourite lip balms,
as you may have noticed I have completely skipped lip scrubs as I deem them a waste of money.
I simply make my own at home mixing a little brown sugar with olive oil rub it on, rinse it off
and if my lips need extra T.L.C I have been known to give them a quick once over
with an old clean tooth brush.

I want to stress that I am not claiming that the lip balms I adore are the best out there,
they are simply my favourites and for different purposes but do feel free to leave me any recommendation
in the comment section...you never can have too many lip balms!

My Favourite Moisturising Lip Balms

I have two to go to lip balms for when my lips crave extra moisture which are Elemis Quenching Lip Balm and Fushi's Oragnic Hydrating Lip Balm both of which are super hydrating and help to remove rough
areas too boot.
I perfer using Elemis Quenching Lip Balm as a day time balm as it is light and gives a glossy finish
but at night when I need an intensified boost of moisture I slick on Fushi's Oragnic Hydrating Lip Balm
which is thicker and the most moisturising balm I own.
My only complaint is that the scent is rather strong which is another reason why I only use it before bed.

My Favourite All Round Lip Balm

Most of us have a lip balm that we keep in our handbags and/or car for those just in case moments
for me it is a variety of Balmi lip balms that I have scattered in various rooms and hand bags.
Balmi moisturises and soothes with a light sheen and a delicate scent if only it helped to heal my lips
or offered some sort of medical value it would be my favourite lip balm ever!

My Favourite Tinted Lip Balm

Truthfully I'm not a huge fan of tinted lip balms, I much prefer a good lip stick but should the notion
take me for a light slick of colour then the lip balm I go for is Korres Mango Lip Butter,
this delivers a decent dose of pigment with a high level of moisture and sheen.
That being said I do feel with the fairly recent addition of Revlon Lip Butters et al, 
tinted lip balms do seem a little passée.

My Favourite Medicated Lip Balms

I urge everyone to own at least one medicated lip balm particularly in the winter months, 
when lips are prone to chapping and other nasties.
My favourite ever lip balm is Carmex Original formula in solid form, it is waxy, thick and works like no others on my lips when they have seen better days.
I find it heals my lips almost instantly and I rather enjoy the medicinal scent. 
The other lip balm I have been known to rely on is Blistex's MedPlus which acts very similarly to Carmex only it's more of a butter in texture and the scent isn't as pleasant.

What lip balms do you rate highly?