Recently I picked up a few pieces from Rituals when placing a naughty little order on Feel Unique
and one of the many items that caught my eye was the Sacred Fire candle which is not only limited edition
but also blended especially for the winter months, inspired by nature.

"The earthy and musky tones of Patchouli will permeate your senses with feelings of excitement and positivity. Cedar has a soothing aroma that has been used since ancient times and is an age old symbol of immortality."

Candles can be pricey that includes the high street favourite that is Yankee, 
so sometimes it pays to look further a field and I can not recommend Rituals enough.
Not only does the candle look stylish in it's large burgundy glass tumbler 
but it burns for around 50 hours and is a hefty 290g in weight.
I personally love the little inscription that reads "A life filled with wonder is a wonderful life",
rather sweet is it not?

What annoys me around this time of the year is that everything tends to be tinged with spicy notes
and that is just not something I enjoy but I do want a warming and dare I say it Christmas fragrance.
Rituals Sacred Fire is the perfect winter warmer as it is indulgent, warm but not spicy in the slightest,
the Patchouli note adds depth, while the cedar fragrance encapsulates the spirit of Christmas and
reminds me of real Christmas trees, the joy and magic of the festive period.

Rituals Sacred Fire Winter Candle £19.50/290g via Rituals  - link