Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Soap and Glory Small Wonders Mini Hat Box Gift Set - Review

I'm guessing i'm not alone in stating that I really hope on Christmas day I awaken to find
Soap and Glory's huge hat box gift set under my tree but if your budget doesn't quite stretch that far 
or perhaps you are looking for a smaller gift, then Soap and Glory have you covered with this 
cute little gift set packed full with goodies.

"Why resort to fanfare, pomp and circumstance, when she’ll be equally awestruck by…Small Wonders™ featuring four classic Soap & Glory formula minis: Clean On Me™ Shower Gel, The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter, The Scrub Of Your Life™ Body Scrub, Hand Food™ Hand Cream and a super sudsy shower puff." 

Inside you will find:

Clean On Me™ Shower Gel - 75ml
The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter - 50ml 
The Scrub Of Your Life™ Body Scrub - 50ml 
Hand Food™ Hand Cream - 50ml
A loofah.

Soap and Glory Small Wonders Mini Hat Box Gift Set not only features some of the cutest packaging
which you can of course re-use when you have finished the products inside but for £10 you get
four best selling products and a huge loofah.
The great thing about this little kit is that not only is it a great and affordable gift but the perfect way to try
out the brand without costing the earth and if you buy via Boots it is included within their huge 3 for 2
on most gift sets.

Now if only someone could leak when Boots the Soap and Glory Best of All gift set goes half price
I will be a very happy bunny!

Soap and Glory Small Wonders Mini Hat Box Gift Set* £10 via Boots - link
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  1. I would indeed be super excited to wake up to the big box of Soap and Glory products, but this one is really cute too. It's a lovely way to try all the products out to see if you like them before investing in the full size products. And the packaging is great xx

  2. I just got Hand Food in a swap and Im in love with it. The price & selection of Soap & Glory products sucks here in Canada so I never buy anything:(

    Sara xx

    1. Ah that sucks I hate when that happens, it's like that with nearly everything in the UK though!

  3. My parents have got me the Soap & Glory Best of All set for Christmas. Can't wait!x

  4. I am going to have to try this stuff. Everyone seems to love it.

  5. always wanted to try the hand food again!

    Enter my competition to win 2 tickets to the clothes show live in Birmingham!:)

  6. Wow that looks perfect and so affordable :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  7. The Boots 'better than half price' deal on Christmas gifts changes every Friday. The big Soap and Glory set is usually the most popular so they save it for the last Friday before Christmas. I don't work for Boots but they've done this the past couple of years so I'll be popping in on the morning of the 21st for sure!

    1. Oh thank you so much :) I have literally just put a reminder on my phone haha...I'm such a saddo!

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  8. Love the soap and glory hand food! Best hand cream i have ever used, smells amazing too!! :) ♥

  9. The huge hat box usually goes on offer on the last Tuesday before Christmas as someone said above- I used to work for boots and they would always save it until the very end because its the best seller! Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks Alison, I have kept aside some pennys so I don't miss out :)

  10. Thanks for a wonderful post! It has been a great change of pace for me as i am always on the lookout for a whole new perspective on different subjects. Keep up with your hard work and dedication.


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