I'm the kinda gal that goes over board at Christmas, as you probably know by now I do love a good theme
and anything that allows me to add a little glitter, glam and dare I say it tat to my life I'm all over it.
Sadly not everyone that is near and dear to me feels quite the same, so in a sneaky attempt to spread
a little Christmas cheer I picked up the Philosophy Cook Book gift set.

The Philosophy Cook Book gift set contains four festive scented multi purpose bottles of their
ever famous, all in one product - shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath.
As most of use will wake up to a bath set or two on Christmas day why not go the extra mile
and spoil someone with this quad, I promise it is more indulgent and special than anything you will find
in your local supermarket and as it is presented beautifully you can pop in a gift bag and it's good to go.
That being said you can also do what I have and split the set and give a bottle to various people should you
wish or you could keep all four to yourself and frankly smell delicious!

So what scents are inside to behold?

Philosophy Old Fashioned Eggnog - Being Scottish I hold my hands up and say I have never made nor experienced Eggnog, for me it is something you hear about in American sitcoms and the appeal of drinking egg ranks pretty low on my things to do...that and tidying my room!
Worry not Philosophy Eggnog is not at all egg-y in scent but a milky, warm fragrance that is tinged with 
a slight cinnamon kick.

Philosophy Hot Buttered Rum - This is the variation I figured I would like the least but surprisingly is the bottle I have held on to and use on cold mornings when motivation to be awake is lacking.
Surprisingly this does not have a strong alcoholic fragrance but reminds me of warm, toffee
or perhaps syrup, admittedly this won't be for everyone but in my opinion it is scrumptious.

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns - As you would expect this is a cinnamon based scent,
i'm not a fan of cinnamon in any shape or form but my best friend is completely mad on it
and thinks it is one of the most beautiful cinnamon based products she has experienced.

Philosophy Peppermint Bark - If you enjoy chocolate fragrances then you will not be disappointed
as this variation is a sweet but not sickly chocolate based scent coupled with a mint undertone.
Fresh and comforting.

On a side note has anyone ever tried the recipes on any of the Philosophy bottles?

Philosophy The Cookbook (4x120ml) via Debenhams - link