It is true for the last week that I have been on Weight Watchers and yes it is going well
but I've still got a way to go before I am knocking on my fighting weight's door.
Annoyingly I find being on a diet is the one time you crave all things sweet and least I do anyway so I have been looking for slightly sneaky ways to get a sugar fix without the calories
and one of my not so genius plans involved burning sweetly scented wax tarts.
I'd like to say it is going swimmingly but it's not, right now all I want is a red velvet cupcake...sigh!

Speaking of cake...

Country Home Scents Birthday Cake

"The sweet aroma of vanilla birthday cake iced with buttercream frosting!"

This is a creamy true to life vanilla scent with a buttery edge,
to me it is as close as a real cake scent you will get from a wax tart/candle.
It is nothing like Yankee's Cupcake scent rather this is light, fluffy and non-sickly.
If you like dreamy vanilla scents this is the one for you
and if it is your birthday today....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Country Home Scents Buttercream Frosting.

 No longer online..sorry!

As a youngster I refused to eat cake and would only ever eat the icing and buttercream
it is fair to say that I was a freak and missing out on the joy of cake (damn you diet).
In my opinion this is a really close match to real buttercream, light, vanilla and with a hint
of butter but this has a slight marshmallow kick.
It is yummy and very comforting.

Edit: After typing this I noticed it is no longer online, truth be told it is not
all the different from the  Birthday Cake scent.

Country Home Scents Fruity Loops

"The scrumptious scent of your favourite childhood cereal! A blend of fruity goodness and sugary vanilla sweetness!"

Okay here is another confession, I'm not a fan of cereal not even Fruit Loops or Coco Pops!
I have tried them all and don't see the appeal but I do like the scent of Fruit Loops
and this mimics it wonderfully - a bright fruity scent with a lemon edge.
I find it refreshing and great for burning when people insist of cooking strong food like fish
as it masks such odours with a citrus fresh fragrance.

Country Home Scents Red Velvet Cupcakes

"The amazing aroma of sweet, creamy red velvet cupcakes! Smells of buttery vanilla cupcakes with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and cocoa."

Here is the kicker earlier this week my family and I trotted to Cost Co cash and carry for sweet treats
for all the Trick or Treater's (4 or 5 actually showed up) and I had to body swerve the cupcakes
that they sell which now include those of the red velvet variety and man did they smell good.
Sadly this wax tart is not quite what I hoped for and I'm having a hard job placing the notes.
I can smell a slight chocolate note and oddly a cheese kick too, suffice to say I'm not a fan.

As always I bought these from Country Home Scents prices do vary depending on how many
you buy and shipping is dealt with in a similar manner - link

P.S You may have noticed no themed post today, not that I'm complaining about my lack of cake
and me being on a diet...nope not at all.