The festive period is when most of us reach for glitter polishes,
my personal favourites are chunky in style and suspended within a clear base coat as that way
the colour combinations are endless.
Truthfully I don't really mix it up all that much when it comes to glitter top coats I like to layer
them over a good black base to really make them pop.

I recently picked up two chunky glitter top coat polishes from Avon and at £1.50 each they are amazing quality, one quick coat completely covers the nail is various sizes of glitter and it dries almost instantly, leaving behind a glossy finish.

The Color Trend Dazzlers come in three shades - a silver, a gold and a deep fuchsia which was out of stock
when I placed my order but if you are looking for a good, budget dupe of Revlon Facets of Fuchsia
I would say that is the way to go.

Avon Color Trend Dazzlers are currently £1.50/8ml via Avon - link