Recently I have mentioned that the cold weather has affected my skin and turned what used to be
terribly oily skin into what can only be best described as combination skin.
Around the edges of my face the skin has become rather dry and my t-zone has dried up a little,
yes it is still oily but not as bas as it was in the past.

"This revolutionary Anti-Ageing cream uses the Marine extract Padina Pavonica to transform the complexion in just over 2 weeks*. Trials proved that the appearance in wrinkle depth was reduced by up to 78% and that hydration was increased by up to 45%. Skin firmness and elasticity are dramatically increased, whilst providing superior free radical protection."

I have been using various lotions and potions to try and rid myself of the dry areas 
but not much has truly did all that good until out of frustration I slathered on Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, which is a light gel like intrusive moisturiser that can be used both day and night.
I prefer creams of this nature as they offer up all the benefits of a deep moisturiser without
being rich and heavy in texture which reeks havoc with my skin type.

Now I can't vouch for the anti-ageing properties or results as I am still fairly young (twenties)
but it is never too early to start and this is a non-abrasive way to kick start things.
That aside it does a wonderful job of reducing dry areas of skin and as it is a gel based product it is really,
cooling, soothing with an aquatic scent that somehow adds to the experience of using it.
For the record I only use this at night on my dry areas (which have now gone) and did notice results
in around 4 days so all in all rather impressive!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream* 50ml/£79 via Time to Spa - link