I always deem November as the beginning of the countdown until Christmas!
I realise that this is not always the case as not everyone is quite as overly keen as myself
but I thought it may be a good idea to begin rustling up some gift ideas posts
focusing on items that are not the run of the mill and the typical high street offerings.

First up I have some beautiful bath and body items from Beatitude which is a brand founded by
a fully trained Aromatherapist so you know each scent and product has been blended with care.
More and more of us are seeking out products that are 100% natural not to mention cruelty free
and I can happily report that Beatitude is a brand that ticks both boxes so you can buy with confidence.

I was sent the Joy gift set along with a few sample bottles of bath oil to try out,
as most will know I don't actually own a bath so I dished out the oils to various family members and friends
and asked them to trial them on my behalf but I was very sneaky and did not feed them any background 
information in order to get the most truthful reviews...sneaky, sneaky.

Basically everyone commented on how different the Beatitude oils are from typical bath oils.
Most had expectations of the oils being greasy and approached with caution, 
however once added to water (you only need one teaspoon per bath) the oil disperses and bubbles naturally,
combined with the heat of the water each oil not only provides a relaxing experience 
but also softens the skin without any added effort.

Within the Beatitude collection there is three scents : Joy which has been blended to promote an uplifting and joyous mood, Patience which is invigorating and warming and last but not least Peace which is the scent
to reach for when you require a relaxing and soothing bath.

Beatitude is a great brand to look into for those in your life who deserve a little touch of luxury
and something a little more special than a typical bath set from Boots!

Beatitude Joy  Aromatherapy Bathing Gift Set* £31.50 via Beatitude - link

P.S All Christmas posts for 2012 will be labelled as Christmas 2012 
so you can search for them with ease.