The Andy Warhol for Nars collection has to be the range I eagerly anticipated the most,
yes I lusted after a few pieces from the Mac and Marilyn Monroe collection but I blame hype mostly
as I'm not really a Marilyn Monroe fan but Andy Warhol well that's another story.
Andy Warhol is one of my favourite artists ever, even if he openly admits to plagiarism.

I didn't pick up all that much from the collection, my days of hauling are long over - I don't find splashing
out on a full collection satisfying or sensible, these days I am much more content with one or two products that I really want rather than being stupid or getting caught up in the moment.
Briefly I want to mention that yes some of the products within this collection do come presented within
special packaging but as luck would have it neither item I went for was one of said items.

Nars blushes/highlighters can often be packed with glitter/shimmer particles which don't really sit
all that well with my skin as they emphasise my enlarged pores and no-one really wants that.
Nars Satellite of Love does remind me a little of Nars Albatross only this is less stark and more peach
toned rather than a stark bright golden hue which Albatross becomes when applied to my skin tone.

Satellite of Love is a light golden tinged tan shade that has light shimmer particles that do not embed
themselves within my pores but rather it gives a light golden peach glow to the skin.
I find this to finer and more delicate in terms of formulation compared to any other cheek product
that I have ever used in the past, it blends with ease and gives a beautiful natural glow to the skin
rather than engulfing it in an over the top glitter finish which let's face it often looks dated.

I'm not really a lip gloss fan but the one lip gloss I did rely on quite heavily until it's demise was NARS Turkish Delight which is of course infamous for being the shade Kim Kardashian often wears.
However such shade can a be a little too stark at times so I went for a similar shade but slightly deeper in the special edition of the Larger than Life lipglosses which coincidentally is my first experience with such formula.

The shade I plumped for in the end is Candy Says which is a slightly metallic warm pinky brown
with a light yellow undertone, once on the lips it is very similar in both terms of colour and texture
as NARS Lacquer Pot is Chelsea Girls.

Candy Says is thick, slightly sticky but does wear longer than a typical lip gloss and has a liquid sheen finish.
In my opinion NARS Larger than Life lipglosses are slightly more pigmented than a typical gloss,
not to metion that each gloss has a brush applicator which over joys me to no end.
and yes they are a little on the pricey side but my oh my do they wear well - around 2-3 hours
which is practically unheard of in the gloss world...word to the wise don't wear on a windy day!

Your best bet for any item seems to be ASOS as they have yet to sell out anything - link,
I did buy my two items from Space.NK but they have since sold out of the highlighter!