I couldn't count how many times I have posted about Thierry Mugler parfumes
but it is for very good reason, Alien is my signature scent and as much as I like to dabble with
other scents now and then Alien is the scent that I always come back to.

"Thierry Mugler Alien Fragrances of Leather Eau de Parfum 30ml. 
Celebrating 20 years of passion and innovation, Thierry Mugler infuses four iconic fragrances with one of the designer`s favourite materials: Leather. On contact with leather for four weeks, Alien becomes all the more enveloping and captivating. The amber notes are magnified by a special leathery effect, close to suede. The Eau de Parfum takes on a leathery depth, rounded off by gourmand dry fruit accents, which amplifies Alien`s magnetism. 
It is presented in a limited edition faceted glass bottle with silver claws and
 a leather collar adorning the bottle."

To celebrate 20 years of the Thierry Mugler brand a line of fragrances with leather accents have been launched and it does include Angel, Womanity and of course my beloved Alien.
Each scent has been held within contact of leather to magnify the already present leather note,
the result is a slightly different spin on the beloved scents by Thierry Mugler.
I have not tested the other scents in the leather line but can say that Alien takes a slightly fresher
and softer approach with the leather spin, I would go as far as saying that it almost smells like an
entirely different scent more fruit based, it is really hard to sum it up but basically if you adore Alien it is one you must test out same applies for the other scents in the collective.

I simply couldn't type up this post without mentioning the packaging as it is rather spectacular.
Not only does the scent come with its own cute little leather pouch and a leather collar
but it is a really cool shape, almost shaped like a diamond with silver claws on the base.
It adds to the dark themes associated with the Alien scent and will be a show stopping piece
on anyones dresser!

Thierry Mugler The Fragrances of Leather EDP* 30ml/£40 via House of Fraser - link