You know you are tired when even the lure of a pampering evening sounds less appealing
than popping on your onesie, watching celebrity ghost stories with a mug of soup
and snuggling up in bed but hey needs must and I always feel more prepared for the week ahead
when I put in a little ground work...don't you?

I'm going with a slight Halloween theme this week particularly with my shower products.
I am literally down to the dregs of my Haus of Gloi goodies but I have just enough of my Ghost Puffs
and Pumpkin Queen scrubs to buff my skin into a state of softness and will be using some of Lush's
Twilight Shower Gel to help relax me before bed time.

As I have been doing for the last few weeks I will be applying a generous amount of L'Oreal
Extraordinary oil and leaving it on for around half an hour before rinsing out and washing and conditioning
my hair with Ojon Damage Repair duo which seems to be the best thing for my hair at the moment.

I stupidly forgot to photograph my Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Eater body butter which is very much
on it's last legs but should contain just enough for my dry skin areas but next year I will insist on ordering the full size of this and many other of their products.

Facial treats this week come in mini Caudalie form which include a gentle buffing cream wash,
which should help to remove an annoying dry patch of skin on my chin.
I will follow up with Caudalie's purifying mask which may be a gamble...I'm hoping it doesn't bring too many nasties to the surface but we shall see.

And last but never least my candle of choice is of course Lily Flame's Spook tin candle
which has the most amazing original scent - I liken it to the foam backed jelly sweets that Haribo do?
Sadly it doesn't seem to be burning all that well and keeps tunnelling despite my better efforts
to prevent it from doing so, I'm hoping that it is just a one off with this candle as I do have my eye on
a few of the other scents by the brand.

I hope you are having a great weekend where ever you are and if you do reside in New York
or New Jersey do keep safe!