Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No Tricks Just Treats!


For a full week up until the day of Halloween I will have at least one Halloween themed post for you all

and today I thought I would kick things off with a general Halloween inspired wish list!
I do love Halloween and have been playing to do this since around June...yup that's how lame I am.
Anyway all of the Halloween posts will be labelled under Halloween (inventive I know)
in case you want to read any over the coming days.

1, Annoyingly Orly's Halloween Spellbound Collection didn't seem to hit the UK but you can pick them up online via eBay etc and with names such as Monster Mash it is hard to resist - link.

2, I think most will know by now that I more than enjoy a good candle but if like myself spice
isn't your thing and you are looking for a sweet candy yet Halloween inspired candle
then look no further than Lily Flame's Spook candle - link.

3,  Bath and Body works do the cutest body lotions ever and this Autumn they have a range of
scents that look deliciously wicked such a shame they don't ship to the UK - link.

4, If like myself you really do like Halloween more than what is deemed healthy why not go the full hog
and pick up a Halloween inspired shower gel from Philosophy - link.

5, Bath and Body Works hand sanitising gels are quickly becoming a cult product and in the past
where rather difficult for us Brits to get our hands on other than using eBay but luckily a UK based
store Bath and Body Shop stocks a wide range of Halloween hand gels - link

6, While you are visiting the Bath and Body Shop why not check out Bomb Cosmetics Dark Pleasures
soap, to me it looks like the contents of a cauldron and has a rather whimsical feel - link.

Do you have a Halloween based beauty product you are lusting after?
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  1. Hahahahah! I like almost everything!! :D How cute :D

  2. The pumpkin pie shower gel looks delicious! I am in love.

  3. yes oh yes :)
    I have bath and body works vampire blood and bat bite, The rest I can't get here It would be nice to get philosophy or I love... that resemble it also
    or candle light, for me I would use it the whole year :) or olly polishes or any halloween related but nooo we are to boring here for that.

  4. Those Orly polishes look fab! I'm trying so hard not to click on the link to the philosophy shower gels!!! x

  5. I love halloween :) I've been putting off a bath and body shop order for ages but I think I will just have to since they wont stock the halloween stuff forever! I like the look of the Lily Flame candle and the Philosophy shower gel too! You are making this all too tempting x

  6. I just got two products from Lush's Halloween range, I got the Calacas Shower Jelly and the Enchanter Bath Ballistic and they both smell amazing.
    : ]

  7. Your posts are always so informative and inventive! Loved this :)

  8. I love Halloween themed stuff! Lush are doing some amazing themed products that I reeeeealllyyyy want. X

  9. ooo I really love those nail polishes. Definitely going to do spooky sparkly nails for Halloween :)


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