A few days ago I logged into my Boots account only to be greeted with the news that I had
around £30 in advantage points to spend, yes that alone says when you can accumulate that amount
of points in a short space of time then you really don't need anything else from the beauty aisles
but you know me better than that and I of course spent them without a second thought.

One of the things I placed in my online basket was Essies Miss Fancy Pants from the new Autumn collection, I needed another sludge coloured nail polish like I needed a whole in the head but online swatches had me seriously lusting after this shade...well until it landed on my doorstep that is!

(L-R Chinchilly, Miss Fancy Pants) 

In reality it is nothing special, yes the typical Essie formula is there - opaque in two coats, no streaks
and the wide diffusion line brush but sadly it is almost identical to one of the permanent shades within the diffusion line which is of course Essie's Chinchilly, so much so I find it hard to differentiate between the two.
At a push I would say Essie Miss Fancy Pants is the lighter and less purple of the two shades 
but make no mistake you don't need both so if you own Chinchilly don't make the same mistake I have!
That aside I do like both shades and find the cool toned murky mauve tone they have really wearable
and a great alternative to a nude nail.

Essie Miss Bossy Pants £7.99/13.5ml via Boots (currently part of the 3 for 2 offer) - link