I know one of the most common grumbles with BB creams is the shade variety
as they were an Asian concept most were designed to brighten and often whiten the skin
which is great of you have light skin but what about those who have medium, tanned or a dark complexion?
Luckily a good few brands have caught on and released deeper tones in BB cream form
with MUA adding another two mid to deep toned shades to the original three shades:
light, medium and dark.

There is three new shades in total being added to the MUA BB Cream line up: Light Rose, Medium Rose
and Medium Dark, I don't have the Light Rose shade but will try to pick it up or at least swatch it in store
in order to provide a swatch gallery at some point.
Medium Rose is a warm pink toned mid toned shade that is a really great pink toned medium shade
that is much deeper than most BB Creams aimed at those with medium complexions.
Medium Dark is around an NC35 in terms of MAC colouring and will be perfect for those who
have medium skin tones with a golden undertone and again it is deeper than the standard mid tones
that most high street brands are currently offering.

I have reviewed the MUA BB Creams in full here - link and the swatch gallery here - link
but to sum up in brief I find the MUA formula to be thick, creamy and light to wear,
it can be slightly sticky and does need to be set with a powder to counter that.
I find it to offer medium to high coverage and wear when set and primed for up to 8 hours.

The new shades (and the original three shades) are available from Superdrug 
and MUA's online store - link, £4/30ml*