MUA BB Beauty Balm in Medium

I will openly admit that I have very little experience with BB Creams,
this is in-fact my second testing of such phenomena!
The MUA  BB All in One Beauty Balms come in three shades - light, medium and dark.
I especially find the dark shade refreshing as so many brands have neglected such colour choice!
The MUA BB All in One Beauty Balms launch on the 14th of March.

MUA BB Beauty Balm in Medium
MUA BB Beauty Balm in Medium

Keeping with the aesthetics of the MUA Brand the BB cream comes neatly presented 
in a black squeeze type bottle with the now recognizable large silver font.
To me this little tube looks much more expensive that £4 
and I particularly like that it is easy to dispense the product and that it is travel friendly!

MUA BB Beauty Balm in Medium
MUA BB Beauty Balm in Medium

The concept behind this product is inspired by the ever popular Asian Beauty Balms,
it covers, conceals, brightens and evens out the skin tone to give a flawless complexion.
Unlike some BB Creams this does not contain sunscreen (SPF) 
so you will have to add that if you do indeed use a daily sunscreen.
As earlier mentioned this BB Cream comes in three various shades,
I have Medium which is a fairly light take on the tone medium.
In my opinion this is approximately an NC30 so it's better suited to lighter toned medium skins.
I'm around an NC35/37 in the winter (which it is) and find this a little too light 
but not so much that it looks ghostly, it does however require me to warm it up a little with a bronzer.

MUA BB Beauty Balm in Medium
MUA BB Beauty Balm in Medium
MUA BB Beauty Balm in Medium
As always I have included my mole as a reference point so you can see how well it covers.

After my first experience of a BB cream I approached this with caution and didn't expect much
but I can safely say that this version has changed my mind and really sparked an interest!
It is thick, creamy and feels moisturising on the skin,
although it is on the thick side it does not feel heavy nor does it mask the skin.
This product has pretty much no scent at all so sensitive noses can rejoice!
I found the MUA BB All in One Beauty Balm to be really easy to apply be it with my fingertips
or buffed in using a brush either way provided a great medium coverage flawless base.
I do deem this to be medium coverage rather than full, it provides enough coverage to conceal little marks
such as my slight acne scaring and gives a great all over even tone that looks natural.
If like I you have enlarged pores this product does not sit in them but glides over,
I'd imagine it to have the same effect on fine lines etc too!
In terms of wear this wore very much like a typical foundation and with the use of a primer 
and setting powder this lasted around 7/8 hours on my oily skin.

Product Summary
Round Up - A really great budget buy base that provides decent coverage.
Best For - Fans of BB Creams or those who want a good budget buy base.
Availability - Launches on the 14th march and will be available in selected Superdrug stores
and via the MUA web store - link £4/30ml (S)