Please excuse the title as it is a little misleading, I won't be teaching you how to make olive oil.
Sadly where I live olives don't tend to flourish but olive oil can be found in most kitchen cupboards
and can be used in so many ways including as beauty treatments so today I thought I would share a few.

Olive Oil Hair Masks

There is countless ways to use olive oil in the hair but my two preferred methods include
mixing a few teaspoons into an intensive conditioner and apply to wet hair,
wrap up in a towel and leave for up to half an hour or as long as you can stand before rinsing clear,
then shampoo and condition as normal.
This method encourages your conditioner to work that little harder and the oil adds extra moisture
and shine to dry damaged hair.

Another method I use is the hot oil process, I heat a little oil using the bain-marie process 
again I apply this to wet hair and leave for around half an hour using a towel to trap the heat in
and intensify the treatment.
Much like the other method I rinse clear and wash my hair as normal, this is a great cheap hot oil treatment
that will particularly benefit those with dry, damaged/over processed hair.

Olive Oil Body Scrub

This quick recipe can be altered depending on what you have in your kitchen at the time!
Basically you want to use either sea salt or sugar (brown makes the best scrub) and blend
with a few tea spoons of olive oil and use it to gently buff away dead skin.
For the best results apply to dry skin and gently slough off any dead skin using small circular movements
and rinse clean with warm water.
To boost circulation and help bust cellulite you can add ground coffee to the mix.

Olive Oil Hot Cloth Cleanser

Truthfully I have only tried this method once but can happily say that it worked and did not irritate my skin,
basically if you are stuck you can use olive oil to cleanse the skin in the same way you would use
a hot cloth cleanser, I do have to warn you that it can be rather messy but as all you need is olive oil,
a muslin cloth and warm water it is good to know in case you ever run out of cleanser!

Do you use olive oil in a less than traditional sense?