With it being a little chilly outside, the central heating being on and a few extra layers of clothing 
you may find that your skin is in dire need of a little extra moisture?

I find body lotion and body butters a little tedious...hey i'm lazy deal with it so to encourage myself into
reaching for body moisturisers a little more frequently I do tend to go for those with yummy fragrences
and very few beat Jergens Original Beauty Lotion in the scent stakes - it is scented with a scrummy
Cherry Almond fragrance, think Cherry Bakewell tarts coupled with Sugared Almonds...yum yum!

Of course the formulation is also great, light and silky that absorbs into the skin within seconds
that hydrates the skin without being greasy or leaving behind any resiude, all the while
gently scenting the skin with a good enough to eat scent

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion* £3.49/200ml and is available from Boots.

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