Thursday, October 18, 2012

Barry M Ultra Moisturising Lip Paints - Review

Barry M are a little like MUA cosmetics in that they are forever releasing new items
or expanding their already expansive collection, not that I am complaining as Barry M tends to
be of great quality and for a very reasonable price too.
The newest addition is the Ultra Moisturising Lip Paints which may satisfy those who struggled with
the dry texture of some of the shades within the original Lip Paint collective.

To separate the new formula Barry M have packaged them slightly differently,
yes they still come presented within the square style lip stick tube most of us recognise
but gone is the black and in is shiny bright pink packaging which should appeal to the inner girly girl
in all of us, much like the standard black packaging this is strong and does a great job of protecting 
the lipstick inside and that's what really counts!

Within the Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint range there is 7 shades but I'd imagine over the coming months
that will be expanded some what, I bought two shades to try out:

Barry M Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint in LP160 Black Cherry

With it being Autumn I think most of us will be tempted by a plum lipstick at some point or other,
this shade is plum based but with a strong red undertone and a cool leaning which does make it slightly
less daunting to wear and will give the illusion of whiter teeth.
In some senses this is pretty akin to MAC Rebel but it can apply a little patchy and due to the 
moisturising formula I found it to bleed slightly so do use a liner and perhaps a slick of Lipcote?

Barry M Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint in LP158 Coral Blush

I have a confession I have been secretly hooked to the US version of X-Factor and in an episode
around a fortnight or so ago Demi Lavato sported a neon red matte lipstick and I have been a woman
obsessed attempting to find a shade to mimic it but had no luck until I stumbled across this shade.
Despite being described as Coral I would deem it to be a bright warm red pink shade that will look amazing
with a tan, if you like your red shades shocking then this is a must.
The closest shade I can think of finish aside is MAC Impassioned.

Sadly as the new formula contains Cocoa Butter I have been unable to wear test these as I am slightly
allergic and my lips don't need much help in the enlargement stakes haha!
What I can say is that unlike some of the previous shades in the original Lip Paint collective
the Ultra Moisturising formula lives up to it's claims and feels balm like on the lips
while delivering a moderate level of colour, sadly these are not as pigmented as the typical
Lip Paints by Barry M but they are not weakly pigmented either.
They have a light glossy finish and are a little prone to slipping so be sure to use a liner
and perhaps a lip sealent of some sort for pro-longed wear.

Barry M Ultra Moisturising Lip Paints £4.49 each and are available from most Barry M stockists
including Boots, Superdrug and of course the Barry M site - link

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  1. Coral Blush looks absolutely stunning!! <3

  2. Omg they are gorgeous colours! I have to try these!:)

  3. The black cherry is utterly gorgeous! x

  4. Both shades look great. What an improvement from the regular Barry M lippies.

  5. They are both beautiful shades and pink packaging is really cute:)

    Sara xx

  6. Loving these! Never thought much of Barry M lip paints, as always found them a bit dry. So hopefully these will be good. Will be putting them on my shopping list ;) x

  7. now this is exciting! I love barry M so ill probably be picking up all of these x

  8. These both look stunning, definitely need to get me some of these!

  9. Oooh, love these! I really liked the colors of the original lip paints but they were too drying for my lips, so looking forward to trying these! One tip I have for lipsticks that bleed is the ELF lip lock pencil. You draw it round the outside of your lip (it's transparent) and stops the lipstick bleeding! I've tried everything including lip liner and Lipcote and this is the thing that works best for me!

  10. I was watching xfactor US too and wondering what her lip colour was! Quite excited about these I wonder if they're already in store xx

  11. i love these! i bought shades 161 and 158 love them both, especially 158 =) really want the dark one now, looks lovely


  12. I have the shade 156 (Viscious Violet) and I love it! It's more pink than violet though
    There are pics and swatches in my blog:

  13. That coral color lipstick is absolutely gorgeous.

  14. Yes~ finally barryM has sorted out their really drying forumation. I have really struggled with their previous lip paints with them drying out my lips and uncomfortable to use. I will probably be investing in a few of these depending if they have any lighter shades as these two are a bit dark for my liking. Thank you for sharing and reviewing :)


  15. These look fab, shall have to have a peak in superdrug! x

  16. Oh WOW the colours of these are fantastic! Black Cherry looks so scary in the tube but it's gorgeous on. Will have to pick that one up next time I'm in town.


  17. these look great! thank you for reviewing ,i will definatley be trying these out!

  18. I've been obsessing over Demi Lovato's red/pink lipstick too! That sort of candy red colour that I'm always searching for xxx


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