Hands up if you are loving Autumn?
I am and I found a little hedgehog...it was a good day and I called him Fredrick Von Pickle
but there is no denying that it is getting much colder around these parts and a combination 
of central heating and numerous layers of clothing is drying out my skin (my face is as oily as ever!?!).
So you may be looking for something a little more intense in terms of body moisturisers and in my opinion
body butters are the way forward, one to look out for is Jergens Deep Conditioning Oatmeal Body Cream.

Unlike the typical Jergens body lotion this is a thick, luxurious body butter that feels as light as air on the skin,
melts into the skin, soothes as it goes not to mention it hydrates like no other.
However the scent is what sold it to me, I adore products with natural based scents...ones that actually 
smell as if they could be good for you and this is exactly that.
It has a natural, wholesome oatmeal fragrance that is good enough to eat!

Unlike some body butters this is not only easily accessible from local supermarkets and stores such as
Boots and Superdrug but at £4.99/200ml* it is very hard to resist!