Haus of Gloi is one of those brands I have been meaning to test but never actually got around to ordering
from in the past, well that all changed in September when they launched their Halloween/Autumn collection.
I decided it was now or never and as I am such a sucker for all things with a spooky edge I placed a small
order, choosing the smaller sampler sizes where available to get a feel for things but when the Yule collection
launches in a matter of days I will be going for the larger options.

Now would be a good time to mention that Haus of Gloi is a vegan brand and every single item is handmade
with care...honestly it was such a joy to open this parcel and is a nice change from bath and body products
that are readily available on the high street.

Haus of Gloi Handmade Soap - Samhain

Freshly turned earth, wet leaves, and a cool spectre ridden wind.

There's not all that much you can really say about soap other than it cleanses well ( I choose to use it
as a hand soap), doesn't dry out the skin and that it retains its shape with each use instead of turning
into a mushy mess...nothing more rank is there than soft, squishy soap at the side of the bath.
Samhain is an odd scent, it is deep, dark and very masculine and smells of the night,
make of that what you will but it is certainly different.

Haus of Gloi Sugar Exfoliant - Ghost Puffs 

Orbs of buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo, presented on a wooden stick.

Unlike other body scrubs this not only buffs the skin but moisturises as it goes,
it honestly is one of the best body scrubs I have ever tested as it combines the power of a good scrub
with a moisturising element so it is not harsh on the skin.
Ghost Puffs has a soft vanilla almost white chocolate scent that is sweet yet delicate.

Haus of Gloi Sugar Exfoliant - Olde Cider Haus

Old oak, sweet drying hay fields, crushed apple pulp and vanilla bean husks.

This is the same formula as above - a moisturising body scrub
but scented with a strong red apple scent that is crisp and refreshing.
Sometimes apple based scents can be a little too artificial but this one encapsulates the fragrance
of not only red apples but also of the warmth of Autumn.

Haus of Gloi Bubbling Scrub - Spider Silk 

Procured from a dream: delicate water mint, wispy grey musk, crystalline webs of amber, oakmoss, torchwood, copaiba resin, and a touch of withered violet leaf.

I think by now everyone has gathered that I enjoy a good body scrub or four,
the bubbling body scrubs do sound like something straight out of Hocus Pocus 
but are in fact gentle foaming scrubs that combine shea butter and sugar for an 
effective yet non irritating body cleanser that gently softens dry/hard skin.

Sadly I do not rate the Spider Silk scent, the description implies that it will be a soft, hint of  a
fragrance but I found it to be the polar opposite and strong on the musk notes but hey
you can't please all of the people all of the time and the formula is great!

Haus of Gloi Bubbling Scrub - Pumpkin Queen

Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs, and lastly, a lovely crown of amber.

Again this is the same formula as the Spider Silk version above only in a different scent.
I found Pumpkin Queen to be the most authentic Pumpkin scent I have encountered from any brand
thus far, the fragrance reminds me of warm carved Pumpkins and is the perfect scent for Halloween.
Next year this is the scent I will be stocking up on.

Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter - Pumpkin Eater

Cream, glowing pumpkin, rich vanilla bean and the tiniest touch of nutmeg butter. 

We all need a good rich body cream or butter to ward of the dry skin the colder seasons brings with them,
can you believe it is snowing already in some parts of the UK already?
Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butters are thick, luxurious yet comforting body butters that hydrate
and soothe the skin in one quick step, I could kick myself for only ordering one small tub as the formula
is a complete dream and quickly absorbed into the skin - a must with Jack Frost on the loose!

The Pumpkin Eater scent is a sweet creamy Pumpkin fragrance, to me it reminds me
of fresh Pumpkin Cheesecake...yum!

Haus of Gloi Lip Balm - Carmel Apple

Sweet warm caramel and tart apple

Haus of Gloi lip balms are a little different from any others that I have tried and use
pomergrante seed oil to soothe and comfort dry lips.
Okay it won't heal chapped/cracked lips but it will cocoon them in a blanket off moisture
with a scrummy scent to boot!

What would Halloween be without a goey Carmel Apple...pretty sucky that's what!
Finding authentic Carmel Apple scents can be pretty tricky but I can happily say that this is spot on,
it has all the sticky sweetness of Carmel with a slight vanilla hint and is coupled with a bright red
apple kick that makes it hard to resist!

I bought all of the above items directly from the Haus of Gloi - link
but I do want to warn you that most of the items are seasonal and do sell out quickly.
I'm a little annoyed that I forgot to order some of the Parkin items for Bon Fire night but so is life.