I promised no more Yankee scents but I do have some Country Home Scents wax tarts
which not only happen to be the cutest tarts I own but have wonderful Halloween scents
without going down the typical pumpkin route.
So on a technicality I didn't break any self imposed rules haha!

If you buy from one "indie" wax tart brand then let it be Country Home Scents besides the cute, novelty 
designs that each tart sports they happen to be one of the strongest scented wax products I have tested.
I tend to cut each tart into quarters and melt them that way, one tart can easily last me a week so you
do get plenty of bang for your buck!

All Hallows Eve

"The perfect aroma of spicy mulled grapefruit with a mix of cinnamon leaf, soft musk and sweet vanilla! A spooky scent you must try!

Despite being listed as slightly spicy I find the vanilla and grapefruit to be the most obvious notes,
however the spices do help to tone down the brightness of the fruity notes while giving it
a slightly deeper edge making it perfect for burning in the evening, scary movie optional.

"A haunting scent perfect for Halloween! 
A blend of sweet dark spices, patchouli and cinnamon sticks."

This is a little too strong and heedy for my personal taste but if you enjoy mysterious,
evening scents that set an almost mystical magical mood this is the one to go for.
To me it conjures imagines of palm readers, night time
and anything remotely paranormal...perhaps the perfect choice for a fright night

"A spooky fragrance that will make you get into the "spirit" of Halloween! 
A musky scent with a touch of grapefruit and plums. Don't be too scared to try it!"

First of all just how cute is this tart?
If you like the sweeter side of Halloween and who doesn't (sucks being too old to trick or treat)
then this is the scent for you, to me it has a sweet berry fragrance that reminds me of gummy sweets.
A great, young almost childhood evoking wax tart that I have rationed out so I have a piece
cast aside for next year's festivities.

Crazy Candy Corn
"Smells just like the sweet scent of our Halloween favourite! 
A touch of honey and caramel...a must have! Beyond scrumptious!"

I really want to like this scent as Candy Corn just seems so fun but I struggle with honey scents
and this is a fairly sweet with a vanilla, honey kick.
The two fragrances do blend together and give a warm, inviting scent
but like I said me and honey just don't mix.

Trick or Treat
"The aroma begins with a blend of pumpkin and apple; ending with a touch of orange, cinnamon 
and vanilla! Definitely a treat not a trick!"

Cast your mind back to being a youngster and spending the evening trick or treating,
can you recall how wonderful your goodie bag smelt, packed full of sweet treats
with the odd apple or two?
Well this mimics that beautifully and really does take me down memory lane,
gosh you'd think I'm in my 50's not my 20's the way I harp on haha!

Witches Brew
"A haunting scent for this Halloween! 
Aromas of spices and herbs, with a hint of musk and maybe a few frog legs too!"

Prepare for the crazy...again when I was younger I spent a lot of time watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch
and recall pondering what a cauldron would smell like?
I always imagined it to be sweet, musky and slightly smoky,well this is pretty much what this smells like.
I really couldn't think of a more appropriate Halloween scent, I think this would be a great
addition to any Halloween party particularly if you go the full hog and hire a dry ice machine,
yes I do tend to over step the mark but I did tell you to prepare for the crazy.

Country Home Scents do offer international shipping (prices depend on weight)
and I can't recommend them enough, great scents, prices and customer service to boot.
If you do place an order be sure to treat yourself to a fruit loop tart,
one word - AMAZING!

Country Home Scents prices start at $11 for 10 tarts - link