Lush's newest product will bring out the kid in all of us and is quite literally FUN!
FUN is a large 200g roll of coloured soft washing product, pretty much imagine if
playdoh was invented for bath time and you have the general ideal.

"Well, the first thing you will want to do with your Fun is get it out of its biodegradable wrapper and start having fun making it into models and shapes. There are so many ways to wash with Fun. For body and hair, just pinch off a small bit, hop in the shower or bath and lather from head to toe. Use as a bubble bath or to hand wash your clothes by crumbling a small chunk under the hot running tap. When you've finished having Fun, please store your bar back in its cellophane."

FUN comes in five bright and bold colours and I was sent two to play around with.
FUN red is a bright sunny scent with notes of Mandarin and orange essential oils,
it's inspiration being freshly squeezed orange juice and let me tell you it is a rather yummy playful scent
and one any kid young or old will enjoy.
FUN yellow is slightly more mellow with a creamy vanilla scent that has been based around seaside adventures and granny's baking, this is slightly more grown up in scent terms and one perhaps for adults.

Despite looking like something that should be in a kids art and craft class FUN is a rather funky product,
you can of course roll it and use it to sculpt whatever your heart desires but it is an effective cleanser
and is a novelty way to lather up in the shower...hey we all need something to keep us going in the morning!
It is also suitable for washing your hair and you can break of a little piece and place under a running tap
for a lovely bath full of bubbles.

Lush FUN* bars cost £5 each for 200g and are available now from Lush stores and Lush online - link