Last week Cheryl Cole appeared on the X-Factor as a guest judge
and instantly had us all fawning over her beautiful plum lipstick
which I learned is L'Oreal's Plum Passion with thanks to the lovely Millie - link
I instantly hit the internet and bought one there and then and thought with it being
the first night of live X-Factor shows there really couldn't be a better time to share the shade!

Not only is the shade beautiful but the packaging is too, a sleek light gold case
that looks much more expensive than the mere £5 I paid for it,
other than that you should know that the packaging is sturdy and I can't see it presenting any problems.

L'Oreal's Plum Passion is of course a plum shade and a fairly deep one at that
but it does have a slight blue leaning and a hint of red to prevent it becoming a flat shade.
Unlike some shades Plum Passion is one of the few shades that pretty much suits everyone
but as with everything I guess it all boils down to preference but you should know that it is well pigmented
and due to the blue tone it prevents your teeth from appearing yellow.
On me the shade does lean slightly pink but I imagine with a deep plum lip liner
underneath I will have a similar result to Cheryl?

Plum Passion (290) is part of the Color Riche Lipstick line which I am quite a fan of
and own a good few shades from previous collections, in my experience they tend to superbly pigmented,
glide on with ease and do wear rather well without drying out the lips.
Plum Passion is exactly that and I would go as far as saying that as well as providing a great
vampy lip shade with as slight sheen that hydrates my lips and wears for around 4 hours before fading sets in
but I have to be truthful and say that it does not fade well and does need to be re-applied
or removed as it does not fade to an even perfect stain but other than that it is a great shade
and formula, one to look out for if you want a great plum lip shade for Autumn/Fall.

It is pretty difficult to source in store and via Boots/Superdrug online
but I have found it via Amazon for a few pounds cheaper too (£5.29 inc p&p) - link